The Rinn – Destiny Calls
Format: Online Single
Genre: Power Metal

Listen to Destiny Calls on: Spotify

Destiny Calls is the brand new single from Russian power metal group The Rinn. Compared to previous the LP Stories Of The Green Fairy, which was a compilation of the songs written from 2013 until 2015, the new song represents the band’s current experience, ideas and feelings. With this song, The Rinn wanted to say to all their listeners, that sometimes we are only given one chance in our life, so don’t miss it!

Vadim Wayland (SoundWay Records) – recording
Nikolai Barbutsky (Rise!MyVoice Studio) – recording & production
Maxim Kokarev – mixing & mastering
Alex Zhizhitsa – album art

The Rinn – Stories Of The Green Fairy
The melodies heard on each instrument have a piece of the groups souls in them. The Rinn hope that the music from Stories Of The Green Fairy will take you on a fantastic, mesmerizing journey through the worlds of magic, dreams and boundless imagination. It will reawaken your distant and almost forgotten dreams. Read more about Stories Of The Green Fairy …here

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Listen to Stories of the Green Fairy on: Spotify

The Rinn are:
Veronica Barbutskaya – Vocals | Nikolai Barbutsky – Vocals | Vasily Kukuta – Guitar | Peter Janssen – Drums | Roman Yanko – Bass

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