HELLNITE Bring Their Midnight Terrors On Their ‘Western Canadian Tour’

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Canadian based heavy metal group Hellnite are proud to announce they will be embarking on their first Western Canadian tour since band founder Paolo Belmar relocated himself and the band to Edmonton from Mexico City. For this 6 date tour, he will be joined by original bassist Luis “Chaps” Mora and drummer Mauricio Salas for a [...]

MONGOL Ride Out on Their East European Tour

2019-05-18T18:01:14+03:00May 11th, 2019|Categories: Gigs, News|Tags: |

Canadian folk metal group Mongol head all the way over to East Europe for 13 dates across Ukraine, Russia, Poland and Latvia throughout May and June 1st. The band have been riding high since the release and critical success of their last album The Return which has turned into quite the sleeper hit for Sliptrick. Expect [...]

CONFESSIONS OF A TRAITOR March Into Ukraine On Their ‘Aggressive Music For Positive People Tour’

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British hardcore group Confessions Of A Traitor find themselves in the Ukraine this month headlining the 'Agressive Music For Positive People Tour'. They will be accompanied for the concerts by Swedish metal group Sarea and expect to hear new tracks performed from Confessions Of A Traitor's forthcoming (as yet untitled) album due out later in the [...]

BEYOND FORGIVENESS Head Out To Eastern Europe On Tour In June

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US symphonic metal Beyond Forgiveness have announced their Live To Tell The Story Eastern European Tour which takes in Ukraine, Russia and Latvia for 14 dates in June and includes an appearance at the 3 day ARM Antimateria Rock and Metal Festival in Lipetsk, Russia on June 14th. For the tour, the group will be featuring [...]

FALL HAS COME Announce Russian Tour Dates In March

2019-06-28T11:20:06+03:00February 13th, 2019|Categories: Gigs, News|Tags: |

Italian alternative rock group Fall Has Come have announced 5 dates taking in major cities of Russia. Having toured extensively in Eastern Europe (including Russia) throughout 2018, the band are taking the opportunity to capitalize on their growing fan base and return to a country that gave them such a warm welcome last time around. The [...]

EUFORY Currently On Tour In Eastern Europe

2019-06-28T11:53:14+03:00February 6th, 2019|Categories: Gigs, News|Tags: |

Slovakian Power Metal Group Eufory are currently on tour visiting venues in Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia. They are accompanied by representatives from Poland in the form of Ironbound and Czech speed metal band Power 5. Having already played the Polish leg of the tour, the groups are heading off to Jablunkov for the first of [...]

BRIGHTDELIGHT Announce 2019 Tour Dates With Adept & Crystal Lake

2019-06-14T13:54:18+03:00December 19th, 2018|Categories: Gigs, News|Tags: |

Recently signed Russian metalcore/electronic group BrightDelight have scored a major coup in securing support slots on the upcoming Russian leg of the top Swedish band Adept on their 2019 tour. Organised through Wild Energy Concert Agency, the tour also features Crystal Lake and will be a great chance for the boys to prove themselves to some [...]

BAD BONES Winter Dates Start Today!

2019-06-28T12:15:03+03:00November 16th, 2018|Categories: Gigs, News|Tags: |

Italian hard rock group Bad Bones play the first of their winter dates, tonight in Torino, Italy. Apart from more shows in their home country, the band will also take in Germany and Lithuania, with a special New Years show taking place at Fontaine Palace in Liepaja, Latvia on Dec 31st. Bad Bones know how to [...]