SICKOMANIA Set To Play At Næstved Metalfest 2023 In August 2023

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sickOmania, the thrash metal group out of Denmark, will be playing Næstved Metalfest 2023 alongside Paradise Lost, Lacuna Coil, Artillery (The Official Page) (feat. Michael Denner), Grave, Illdisposed and many more. Tickets available Næstved Metalfest 2023, takes place at Grønnegade Kulturcenter in Næstved, on August 24, 25 and 26, 2023! sickOmania – sickOmania Danish thrash [...]

WEIGHT OF EMPTINESS Join The Latin American Fullmoon Tour 2023 With Moonspell

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Weight Of Emptiness have the great pleasure to announce that they will be present for part of the Latin American Fullmoon Tour 2023 that celebrates the 30 years of the Portuguese giants Moonspell which will include shows in Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. The Chilean progressive death metal band, have just released their latest album Withered Paradogma [...]

SPEKTRVM Confirmed For Rockwave Festival Feat. Deep Purple On Jul 7th

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Greek heavy metal group Spektrvm will be performing at the Rockwave Festival alongside Deep Purple, Saxon, Asking Alexandria, As I Lay Dying, Mystic Prophecy, ROCK N ROLL Children (Dio greek tribute band), Bokassa and Lazy Man's Load. The event takes place in Attica, Greece on July 7th, 2023 with the group performing tracks from their latest [...]

ABEYANCE Confirmed For ‘Blood Fest’ On December 16th

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Italian melodic death metal group Abeyance have been confirmed to appear on December 16th at Blood Fest alongside Toliman, Delirant Chaotic Sound and MAK. The event takes place at Centrale Rock Pub and kicks off at 21:30. Abeyance – Portraits Of Mankind “Take a step forward and uncover what lies beyond the portrait of our kind, [...]

LAPSUS DEI Confirmed To Play Rockaxis XXII Anniversary Concert On Nov 19th

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On November 19th, Chilean doom metal group Lapsus Dei will play a tremendous date at Teatro Cariola, Santiago, Chile for the 22nd anniversary of the prestigious rock magazine Rockaxis. Lapsus Dei will be joined by Dorso, Tenemos Explosivos and Los Mox and the whole shebang kicks off at 18.00. Lapsus Dei – Sea Of Deep Reflections [...]

LECKS INC. To Appear At Vault Of Metal Festival On Sept. 23rd

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French electro group Lecks Inc. are set to appear at the Vault Of Metal Festival alongside Charge 69, Warrior Kids and Rats Don't Sink. The event takes place on September 23rd and will be sitauted inLes Pennes-Mirabeau, France. The 'Vault Of Metal' is a festival organized by the gathering of groups, through collective actions implemented by [...]

SICKOMANIA To Appear At Køge Metal Festival – Oct 1st

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Danish thrash metal group sickOmania are set to appear at Køge Metal Festival on October 1st alongside some of the most hard-hitting names from the Danish metal scene in the form of Illdisposed, Lamentari, Nakkeknaekker and Xenoblight. More information and tickets are available sickOmania – sickOmania Danish thrash metal group sickOmania create a brand new metal band [...]

THE SAME RIVER Confirmed For Ziria Music Festival 2022 – Aug 26th

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The Ziria Music Festival have confirmed an appearance by Greek psychedelic rock group The Same River on August 26th this year. The 3 day festival features a host of different groups celebrating some of the best independent Greek artists around. Here's the official word; "Ziria Music Festival is a non-profit event, where participating guests and campers [...]

CURIMUS Return To The Stage With August Dates

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Finnish modern deaththrashers Curimus return to stage next month with two shows in their home country including the Meara Klubi Vol.2. fest which also features other great talent such as Marto and Soul Gutter. Curimus August Dates: 20.08 | Meara Klubi Vol.2 | Pori 21.08 | Sillanalusrock | Loimaa Curimus – Garden Of Eden Garden Of [...]