Check Out ‘Restless Knight’, The New Lyrics Video From ETHEREAL FLAMES

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ETHEREAL FLAMES – Restless Knight [Lyrics Video] Taken from the album: Myths And Legends Of Our Land | Sliptrick Records | 2024 Restless Knight, the new lyrics video from Italian metal group Ethereal Flames, talks about Guerin Meschino, a knight-errant who brings death and destruction wherever he goes. He is constantly searching for his origins, not having [...]

ETHEREAL FLAMES Release New Lyrics Video ‘The Holy House’

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ETHEREAL FLAMES – The Holy House [Lyrics Video] Taken from the album: Myths And Legends Of Our Land | Sliptrick Records | 2024 The Holy House, from Italian symphonic power metal group Ethereal Flames, tells the story of the Angeli family who transported and saved the house of the Virgin Mary from Nazareth to Loreto during the [...]

CRYPTIC CONFINEMENT Release New Video ‘A Glimpse Into The Void Below’

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CRYPTIC CONFINEMENT – A Glimpse Into The Void Below [Official Video] Taken from the album: Tempestuous Demise | Sliptrick Records | 2024 Videography by Jim Wright at Avalon Studios, Fabio Alessandrini and Rich Gray at Gray Matter Audio. Video editing by Deadman. Official music video for A Glimpse Into The Void Below by Cryptic Confinement and is [...]

VERITAS Release New Lyrics Video For ‘Creation Groans’

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VERITAS – Creation Groans [Lyrics Video] Taken from the album: Silent Script | Sliptrick Records | 2023 Kansas-based American hard rock/metal band Veritas have released a new lyrics video for Creation Groans, a track taken form their 2023 album Silent Script. The group said; "It is no secret that the world we live in was subjected to [...]

Check Out ‘Black Trip’, The New Video From NIGHT SLASHER

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Lithuanian black/thrash metal band, Night Slasher have unleashed their brand new single and music video for, Black Trip, the second advance single from their upcoming self-titled debut album, out February 6th via Sliptrick Records. The fast-paced track can be found on the usual platforms. Night Slasher | Released February 6th, 2023 via Sliptrick Records Night Slasher is: [...]

FINAL COIL Release New Official Video For ‘Chemtrails’

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FINAL COIL – Chemtrails [Official Music Video] Taken from the album: The World We Inherited | Sliptrick Records | 2024 Chemtrails is one of the album’s heaviest tracks, and possibly one of the heaviest pieces Final Coil have ever written. Philip Stiles says; "There’s definitely some Killing Joke influence in there, not least in the vocal; while [...]

NIGHT SLASHER Release New Official Video For ‘Pit Of Hate’

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NIGHT SLASHER – Pit Of Hate [Official Music Video] Taken from the album: Night Slasher | Sliptrick Records | 2024 Straight from hell, Night Slasher bring their world to life clad in apocalyptic leather with buzz saw altars over the stage. They look the way they sound and this is what you'll get at every Night Slasher [...]

The Coldest Of Human Sensations Brings Us The New WEIGHT OF EMPTINESS Music Video

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WEIGHT OF EMPTINESS – Storm Within [Official Music Video] Taken from the album: Withered Paradogma | Sliptrick Records | 2023 The Chilean band Weight Of Emptiness, noted for their unique work fusing death metal with melodic and progressive elements, releases a new video clip to continue promoting the successful album Withered Paradogma, released this year via Sliptrick [...]