AMORIELLO Release New Lyrics Video ‘This Burning Evil’

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Amoriello – This Burning Evil [Lyrics Video] Taken from the EP: Dear Dark | Sliptrick Records | 2021 Guitarist, educator and children's book author Thomas Amoriello has teamed up with special guest musicians featuring current and former recording and touring artists with Megadeth, King Diamond, TNT, Yngwie Malmsteen, Shrapnel Records, Metal Blade Records and more, for the [...]

ALPHA BOYS Start Off The New Year ‘Too Smart To Be Sober’ – Official Video

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Alpha Boys – Too Smart To Be Sober [Official Video] Taken from the album: Saviours Of Rock ‘N’ Roll | Sliptrick Records | 2021 Video editing: David Hartikainen Swedish rockers Alpha Boys have released their second official video taken from their forthcoming full-length release Saviours Of Rock ‘N’ Roll, out via Sliptrick Records on January 21st. The [...]

COSMONUTS Ask ‘Why Do We Still Care?’ In Their Latest Lyrics Video

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Cosmonuts – Why Do We Still Care? [Official Video] Taken from the EP: Leaps Of Fate | Sliptrick Records | 2020 Why Do We Still Care? is a short introduction to the Cosmonuts semantic and sound vibe on their latest EP. It starts with a mysterious gradually oscillating noise, that evolves to the beginning of the "in [...]

ALBERTO RIGONI Releases New Video For ‘Crazy Horse’ From The Album ‘Odd Times’

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Alberto Rigoni – Crazy Horse [Official Video] Taken from the album: Odd Times | Sliptrick Records | 2020 Check out the video for Crazy Horse Alberto Rigoni's latest album Odd Times, released via Sliptrick Records on July 7th 2020 and features performances from the legendary drummer Marco Minnemann and guitarist Alexandra Zerner. Alberto Rigoni – Odd Times [...]

SONGS FROM BLACK SPIRIT Release Their New Official Video For ‘Memories’

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Songs From Black Spirit – Memories [Official Video] Taken from the album: I Am Who I Am | Sliptrick Records | 2020 Filming and mixing by Giedrius “Jumbo” Balciunas Lithuanian project Songs From Black Spirit have released their first official video taken from their 2020 album I Am Who I Am. Here's what lead man Vitalis Kairiūkštis [...]

ALPHA BOYS Release The First Official Video From The Upcoming Album ‘Saviours Of Rock ‘N’ Roll’

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Alpha Boys – Han(d) Solo [Official Video] Taken from the album: Saviours Of Rock ‘N’ Roll | Sliptrick Records | 2021 Video editing: David Hartikainen, Jonas Nilsson, Simon Lundh Swedish deathpunk group Alpha Boys have released the first material from their forthcoming album Saviours Of Rock ‘N’ Roll, set for release on January 21st via Sliptrick Records. [...]

ART Release New Official Video And It’s Absolutely Not A Christmas Song

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ART – My Childhood's Glare [Official Video] My Childhood's Glare is the new official video from Italian progressive rock group ART. The track is the first new material since their excellent 2019 album Asylum and as the band proclaim "This is a NO Christmas song. Merry Christmas.." Check it out below! ART - Asylum Modern prog [...]

Check Out ‘Love Addiction’ – The New Official Video From NEON ANGEL

2020-11-19T10:54:14+02:00November 27th, 2020|Categories: News, Videos|Tags: |

Neon Angel – Love Addiction [Official Video] Taken from the album: Neon Light District | Sliptrick Records | 2020 Directed by: Markus Vähäaho One of the highlights of their debut album Neon Light District, the hard hitting and electrifying rock anthem Love Addiction serves as the perfect introduction to the world of Neon Angel. The music video, [...]

LOSS OF INFECTION Release New Official Video For ‘Black Earth’

2020-11-07T12:34:32+02:00November 6th, 2020|Categories: News, Videos|Tags: |

Loss Of Infection – Black Earth [Official Video] Taken from the EP: Dark Dimension | Sliptrick Records | 2020 Hot on the heels of their new EP release Dark Dimension, Korean deathcore group Loss Of Infection have released an official video for the track Black Earth. Loss Of Infection are influenced by Chelsea Gran, White Chapel, Black [...]


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