The Rinn is a Russian band from St.Petersburg with an unique fusion of folk, rock, electronic and metal music, a charming combination of energetic male and alluring female vocals. After a series of single releases, the band is finally ready with their debut album Stories Of The Green Fairy.

The album recording process lasted for 2 years and The Rinn have carefully crafted and arranged all the songs, inviting guest musicians to make all their ideas sound as good as they possibly could. On the album, you will hear violins, acoustic guitars, ukulele, flutes, bagpipes, epic choirs and many other things within each song.

The melodies heard on each instrument have a piece of the groups souls in them. The Rinn hope that the music from Stories Of The Green Fairy will take you on a fantastic, mesmerizing journey through the worlds of magic, dreams and boundless imagination. It will reawaken your distant and almost forgotten dreams…

Stories Of The Green Fairy | Released September 7th, 2017 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Symphony of Light | 02. Forgotten Dream | 03. Mirror | 04. Green Fairy | 05. Voices | 06. Into the Dark | 07. Sleep | 08. Winter Night | 09. Secrets of the Universe | 10. The Way | 11. Try to Find Myself (Bonus Track) | 12. I Will Awake (Bonus Track)

Guest musicians: Natalia Dudova – violins (Tracks 1,4,5,6) | Ilya Sakmarov – flutes (Track 10) | Nikolai Ryabyh – flutes, harp, bagpipes (Track 5) | Ivan Bakulin – flutes (Track 4)

Production: Vadim Wayland (SoundWay Records) – recording | Nikolai Barbutsky (Rise!MyVoice Studio) – vocals, backs & choirs – recording & production | Maxim Kokarev – mixing & mastering | Alex Zhizhitsa – album art | Vasily Kukuta – design

The Rinn are:
Veronica Barbutskaya – Vocals | Nikolai Barbutsky – Vocals | Vasily Kukuta – Guitar | Peter Janssen – Drums | Roman Yanko – Bass

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | Instagram