Charting Tracks
The Spotify widget on the left shows the latest charting tracks from the Sliptrick Records roster. The playlist reflects tracks that have placed in the official digital download music charts on iTunes around the world. These charts usually include the top 200. The playlist is updated approximately once per month.

Free Shop Sliptrick Download
Every so often, we’ll be selecting 5 tracks from the playlist which will be available in one download package from the Shop Sliptrick store, hosted on Dead Pulse. And here’s the best part …it’s completely free.

So head on over and download the latest Sliptrick Records – Awesome Mix release but remember, it’s only available for a limited time. Then you just have to get yourselves ready for another 5 excellent tracks coming your way …free and easy!

Sliptrick Records Spotify Playlists
We now have playlists listed on Spotify curated by the Sliptrick crew. There’s all kinds of lists feature Sliptrick groups and artists, some based on region and others based on genre. The playlists are regularly updated so be sure to follow and check back if you like the. Check out the growing collection …here.


F/E/A Are Everything But ‘Anti’ – Out Jun 6th

Anti is the third release of the majorquian post-rock band/collective F/E/A (Forces Elèctriques d’Andorra). Recorded live with Toni Salvà at Diorama Sound and mastered by Doug Henderson at Micro Moose Berlin, the record captures as [...]