THE RINN Brand New Single ‘Destiny Calls’ – Out Today!

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The Rinn – Destiny Calls Format: Online Single Genre: Power Metal Get it now from: iTunes & more Listen to Destiny Calls on: Spotify Destiny Calls is the brand new single from Russian power metal group The Rinn. Compared to previous the LP Stories Of The Green Fairy, which was a compilation of the songs written from [...]

THE RINN Album ‘Stories Of The Green Fairy’ – Out Today!

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The melodies heard on each instrument have a piece of the groups souls in them. The Rinn hope that the music from Stories Of The Green Fairy will take you on a fantastic, mesmerizing journey through the worlds of magic, dreams and boundless imagination. It will reawaken your distant and almost forgotten dreams. Read more about Stories Of The Green [...]

THE RINN Give Life To ‘Stories Of The Green Fairy’ – Out Sep 7th

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The Rinn is a Russian band from St.Petersburg with an unique fusion of folk, rock, electronic and metal music, a charming combination of energetic male and alluring female vocals. After a series of single releases, the band is finally ready with their debut album Stories Of The Green Fairy. The album recording process lasted for 2 [...]

5 STAR GRAVE, THE RINN & ALLIE’S MASS Sign To Sliptrick Records

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Joining the ranks at Sliptrick Records this week: 5 Star Grave (IT) Horror Metal | Punk Rock The Rinn (RUS) Power Metal | Folk Allie’s Mass (ES) Stoner | Doom | Rock and Roll 5 Star Grave Here today, gone tomorrow. Let's do a little recap of the 5 Star Grave story so far: In 2008 [...]


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The Rinn | St. Petersburg | Russia Power Metal Influences: Helloween | Nightwish | Gary Moore | Chris De Burgh Discography: Voices From The Past | Independent | 2013 Chains That Bind Me | Independent | 2015 Try To Find Myself | Independent | 2016 Stories Of The Green Fairy | Sliptrick Records | 2017 [...]


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