HELLIGATORS Drag Us Back To ‘Hell III’ – Out Jun 4th

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Hell III, the third album by Roman band Helligators, sees the light on June 4th 2019, 4 years after their previous release Road Roller Machine, once again via Sliptrick Records. It was recorded between March 2018 and January 2019 at Luciano Chessa's Moon Voice Studio and mastered at Synthesis Recording Studio by Andrea Corvo. The 11 [...]

ALTHEA Release New Lyrics Video ‘Away From Me’ Featuring Michele Guaitoli

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Althea - Away From Me (feat. Michele Guaitoli) [Lyrics Video] Taken from the album: The Art Of Trees | 2019 Italian alternative metal group Althea have release a lyrics video taken from this years album release The Art Of Trees. Away From Me analyses the thoughts of a son whose father was not with him when [...]

CIRCLE OF WITCHES Release New Lyrics Video From ‘Natural Born Sinners’

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Circle Of Witches - Giordano Bruno [Lyrics Video] Taken from the album: Natural Born Sinners | 2019 Produced by: Stefano Mastronicola Original artwork by: Nikos Markogiannakis Italian doom metallists Circle Of Witches have released a lyrics video for the track, Giordano Bruno, taken from their forthcoming album Natural Born Sinners, due on Sliptrick Records on May [...]

DARK INTRANCE Reveals He Has ‘Emerged From The Dark’ – Out May 28th

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With this first EP called Emerged From The Dark, Dark Intrance tries to synthesize Dark Rock and Gothic Metal. Most of the songs are powerful but also give way to melodies and pure musical technique. Particular vocals were chosen to reinforce the dark side of the soundscape and the brutality that transpires in the lyrics. Also, [...]

MONGOL Ride Out on Their East European Tour

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Canadian folk metal group Mongol head all the way over to East Europe for 13 dates across Ukraine, Russia, Poland and Latvia throughout May and June 1st. The band have been riding high since the release and critical success of their last album The Return which has turned into quite the sleeper hit for Sliptrick. Expect [...]

DEAD FROG Release New Lyrics Video From Forthcoming Album

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Dead Frog - Trying To Break Me [Official Video] Taken from the album: Burning Bridges | 2019 Created by: Flock Of Crows Motion Designs Serbian progressive metal group Dead Frog have released a lyrics video for the track Trying To Break Me, taken from their forthcoming album, Burning Bridges, due for release via Sliptrick Records on [...]

CONFESSIONS OF A TRAITOR March Into Ukraine On Their ‘Aggressive Music For Positive People Tour’

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British hardcore group Confessions Of A Traitor find themselves in the Ukraine this month headlining the 'Agressive Music For Positive People Tour'. They will be accompanied for the concerts by Swedish metal group Sarea and expect to hear new tracks performed from Confessions Of A Traitor's forthcoming (as yet untitled) album due out later in the [...]

Sliptrick Records Welcome US Metal Group MUDD FLUX

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Joining the ranks at Sliptrick Records this week: Mudd Flux (US) Metal | Post Modern Rock In 2018, Mudd Flux stirred the souls of Mid-America with their debut EP release, MDFX, featuring four tracks including the singles All I Am (Am I) and Beyond Our Horizon. Each track is encompassed by the thunderous, articulate roar of the [...]

CIRCLE OF WITCHES Put The Heavy Into Metal With ‘Natural Born Sinners’ – Out May 21st

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Natural Born Sinners is the third full-length album in the Circle Of Witches’ career. This new chapter is focused upon the concept of riot, with figures of some rebels taken from religion, history, anthropology and literature like Lucifer, Spartacus, Anton Lavey, Giordano Bruno, the persecuted witches. This eleven track album marks a path of heavy metal [...]