DEAD FROG Glow In The Embers Of ‘Burning Bridges’ – Out Jul 30th

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Burning Bridges represents the very best work so far from Serbian group Dead Frog. It's a 70 minutes highlight reel from a decade of creating and producing music and probably one of the longest debut albums of all time. A lot of different musical elements are combined in the tracks with pure metal riffs to create [...]

UK Thrashers KILL ALL THE GENTLEMEN Release New Lyrics Video

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Kill All The Gentlemen - Damnation Be My Guide [Lyrics Video] Taken from the album: The Loss And The Rapture | 2018 UK death metal/thrash group Kill All The Gentlemen return to action with a brand new lyrics video for your delectation. Damnation Be My Guide is the penultimate song from the groups last album The [...]

INFALLING Retrace Their Steps To The ‘Path Of Desolation (Special Edition)’ – Out Jul 23rd

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For Path Of Desolation (Special Edition), US group Infalling have been influenced by many bands that have played a huge roll in the style of Metal they play, most of which have the same characteristics they like in terms of aggression and heaviness. Just a few of these influences are: Slayer, Metallica (And Justice For All [...]

VACANT IMAGE Would Like You To Meet ‘Sister Anxiety’ – Out Jul 16th

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Sister Anxiety is the new album from Aussie alternative rock group Vacant Image, showcasing passion and power, delivers real, raw emotion. With vocalist Josh Vanek also on guitar, Chris Sheppard on drums and Andrew Gilbert on bass, they provide a suitably hard hitting album that pushes and probes it's genre without losing the bands distinct identity. [...]

SLIPTRICK RECORDS Awesome Mix Vol XX – Free Download

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SLIPTRICK RECORDS - Awesome Mix Vol XX Download Cost - €0.00 01. Survive – Immortal Warriors 02. EdgeOverEdge – The Prince And The Prophet 03. Infalling – Pain Breeds Fury 04. Vacant Image – Handsome Devil 05. Shadowpath – Chaos Equation Available for a limited time only! 5 tracks at 320 kbps. Download the package for [...]

HELLIGATORS Release New Lyrics Video For ‘Rebellion’

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Helligators - Rebellion [Lyrics Video] Taken from the album: Hell III | 2019 Video by: Flock Of Crows Motion Design Rebellion is the opening track on Hell III, the new album by Italian rockers Helligators released on June 4th 2019 via Sliptrick Records. The song is about rebelling against any form of oppression or control that [...]

SHADOWPATH Whisper/Scream The ‘Rumours Of A Coming Dawn’ – Out Jul 9th

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The album re-release from Swiss symphonic death metal group Shadowpath is entitled Rumours Of A Coming Dawn and its structure is basically a story consisting of 8 chapters, enchanting metaphors, that are beautifully woven into each other to form a whole. During the recording and producing process, Shadowpath aimed to achieve a tight, very atmospheric and [...]

THE LAST SOUND REVELATION Reveal Their ‘Hidden Voices’ – Out Jul 5th

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On Hidden Voices, the new EP from Italians The Last Sound Revelation released worldwide via Sliptrick Records, the group talk about sound as a revealing instrument of sensations and emotions and as an alternative language to images or text (the bands logo defers from the usual stylization of a band's name in favor of an archaic [...]