ABEYANCE Paint Their ‘Portraits Of Mankind’ – Out Nov 27th

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"Take a step forward and uncover what lies beyond the portrait of our kind, shedding all those masks one by one..." Portraits Of Mankind, the new EP from from Italian metal group Abeyance, arrives as a 28 minute long, 90s style driven Melodeath offering, dispatched through 5 intense tracks. The correct injection of more recent influences [...]

AVALANCHE Are ‘Sent From Hell’ On Their Latest Maxi-EP – Out Nov 26th

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Avalanche present 8 tracks that are a wild attack on the senses, hailing from themes of sin, sex and damnation and their debut maxi-EP, Sent From Hell, is the ultimate statement from a young band who live and breathe rock n' roll. On the back of 2 successful single releases, a growing list of followers across [...]

PAGAN INTERFACE Exhale ‘Psychic Feedback & The Crystal Void’ – Out Nov 19th

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Psychic Feedback & The Crystal Void is the latest offering from Munich based artist Pagan Interface (pi/0 for short). It's a semi sequel to his self released album The Last Days Of Everything, digging deeper into the post traumatic vibes of sunbathing in capitalist fallout. Ambiances of abandoned shopping malls collide with distorted drum-machines, arcade synths, [...]

SLIPTRICK RECORDS Awesome Mix Vol XXIII – Free Download

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SLIPTRICK RECORDS - Awesome Mix Vol XXIII Download Cost - €0.00 01. DEAD|LOVE - The Wolf 02. Hyperia - Asylum 03. Kill City Kills - Suicide Tuesday 04. Malicious Inc. - Bone & Mortar 05. Nemesis Alpha - System Override Available for a limited time only! 5 tracks at 320 kbps. Download the package for free! [...]

SYR DARIA Continue The Circus With ‘Tears Of A Clown’ – Out Nov 12th

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Tears Of A Clown is the third self-produced album from French heavy thrash group Syr Daria. The album was created with an additional member on the bass, Mr Pascal Husser, who joined Syr Daria as the official bass player in 2018. Tears Of A Clown is probably the most powerful and mature album from the band [...]

IRONTHORN Lay Claim To ‘Legends Of The Ancient Rock’ – Out Nov 5th

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Legends Of The Ancient Rock is how one can easily deduce from the title, an imposing tribute to the music, life stories, emotions, feelings, reflections and events that have as their common denominator the life experiences related to Ironthorn’s music. It conceptually arises as a follow-up to After The End, where those who had received the message from awareness and [...]

Get Ready For The Self-Titled Debut Album From BLACKHEARTH – Out Oct 29th

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With their self-titled debut album, Spanish heavy metal group Blackhearth have created something with a classic, old school feeling and great melodies. The tracks combine instrumental dynamics with soulful, searing vocals and a vast melodic structure. The album consists of classic heavy metal, with an emphasis on spooky atmospheres with 80’s metal riffs, cool vocals, and [...]

UNDER ATTACK Fire On All Cylinders For Their Self Tilted EP – Out Oct 25th

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Italian classic metal project Under Attack release their self-titled EP in digital format via Sliptrick Records on October 25th. The themes on the EP include the self destruction of humanity, the wars, dystopia and the alienation. The lyrical concept was inspired by three albums: Operation Mindcrime (Queensryche), Cyberpunk (Billy Idol) and Rust in peace (Megadeth). The [...]

Slovakian Metalist KING SVK Herald The ‘New Æon’ – Out Oct 22nd

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New Æon is the name of the third studio album by the music project King SVK. The pillars of the project are two musicians: Ivan Kráľ (keyboards and programming) and Norbert Ferencz (guitars). Although the album combines the speed and punch of thrash and death metal, the authors are referring to the sound of the album [...]