DARREN MICHAEL BOYD Investigates The ‘G-String Murders’ – Out Jul 1st

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The G-String Murders is the 5th official release from Canadian instrumentalist Darren Michael Boyd. Fans of his music have grown to expect a blend humour and darkness, and this four song EP does not disappoint. Interesting compositions, memorable melodies, and sophisticated chord-play are always Boyd’s priority, but there are still enough guitar fireworks to satisfy shred [...]

SLIPTRICK RECORDS Awesome Mix Vol LXIV – Free Download

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SLIPTRICK RECORDS - Awesome Mix Vol LXIV Download Cost - €0.00 01. Arav Krishnan – Rebel Without A Cause 02. Artificial Sun – The Giant’s Collapse 03. Dev Crawford – Born Beside The Sea 04. Michael Alan – In The Name Of 05. Skade – Forbitret Available for a limited time only! 5 tracks at 320 [...]

VORDONA Create A Potent, Intoxicating Mix On ‘Quadrivium’ – Out Jun 27th

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Meant to be an experience from start to finish, Quadrivium is an emotive piece of work doubling as the debut album of progressive metal outfit, Vordona. Combining orchestral arrangements, ethereal soundscapes and, most importantly, hard hitting rock, listeners are bound to feel the strong potency of the music. Beginning with a score displaying the heavily adopted [...]

POLYMERASE Release Their Two Albums Of ‘Dreams And Realities [I & II]’ – Out Jun 20th

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Dreams And Realities is a two part album project by Philippine stoner rock group Polymerase. The band started recording in 2021 and the idea was to create a story of a traveler in space that was able to experience time differently thus the track Space Carousel. Other tracks such as Blade Of The Demon God, The [...]

ONEFROMTHENORTH Sets Out His Plan For ‘Regime, Salvation & The Pyre’ – Out Jun 13th

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The Regime, Salvation & the Pyre is the third full-length album by OneFromTheNorth. The album contains ten songs that mix electronic with metal music. The Regime, Salvation & the Pyre includes different types of songs with OneFromTheNorth's touch and trademark. A listener can hear black metal vibes in most songs, but also more common aspects of [...]

F/E/A Are Everything But ‘Anti’ – Out Jun 6th

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Anti is the third release of the majorquian post-rock band/collective F/E/A (Forces Elèctriques d’Andorra). Recorded live with Toni Salvà at Diorama Sound and mastered by Doug Henderson at Micro Moose Berlin, the record captures as never before the sound of the band, showing them at the peak of their strenths, with that unique blend of mantric [...]

THE IRONFIST Prepare For The ‘Tyrant’s Return’ – Out May 30th

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NWOBHM artist from Singapore, The Ironfist, unleashes its latest full length abomination with Sliptrick Records entitled Tyrant's Return! Containing 13 tracks of merciless, vicious & unforgiving necro wave of blackened heavy metal, it is a must for all fans of traditional heavy metal worship and black thrash alike! Brace yourselves for relentless headbanging epic agression! A [...]

SLIPTRICK RECORDS Awesome Mix Vol LXIII – Free Download

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SLIPTRICK RECORDS - Awesome Mix Vol LXIII Download Cost - €0.00 01. Buzzed & Loaded – Rip It Up 02. Daniel Bohn – Divinity 03. Polymerase – Blade Of The Demon God 04. The Ironfist – Broken Shards Of Time 05. Vordona – Dark Moons Available for a limited time only! 5 tracks at 320 kbps. [...]

RESOLUTION 13 Get Out And Explore The ‘Derelict’ – Out May 23rd

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The new album by Finnish industrial group Resolution 13 is called Derelict. The band started composing the tracks in 2016 and the recordings took place over several rounds from taht time until 2020 with sound engineer Tero "Max" Kostermaa, who also produced the material along with the band. After 2020, guest vocals have been added by [...]

SKADE Provide Norwegian Black Metal At It’s Best With ‘Gudinnen’ – Out May 16th

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Gudinnen is the debut album of Norwegian black metal band Skade. The album is a love letter to the original Norwegian wave of black metal, while still pushing the black metal sound in new and innovative directions. From the opening soft piano chords of Alltid våke which transitions into a chaotic and intense soundscape, it is [...]