BETHANY NEVILLE Hopes We All ‘Rest In Peace’ – Out Apr 14th

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Bethany Neville's latest ethereal album Rest In Peace is about the journey of unpacking her trauma. As someone who lives with CPTSD, she holds onto hope that everything will get better while also experiencing times where she wishes she was back in the state of blissful ignorance. Rest In Peace is about how it’s time to [...]

MASS MURDER Get Radical With An ‘Extreme Extinction’ – Out Apr 7th

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Italian brutal death metal group Mass Murder are ready with their second full-length release titled Extreme Extinction. The album was recorded by the band at War Studios, except the vocals, that have been recorded at Clab Studios by Angelo de Cosimo. In order to grant a high level sound quality, Mass Murder decided to invest a [...]

KAFFIMANN Leads Us To Believe In ‘Cosmic Coincidence’ – Out Apr 3rd

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Cosmic Coincidence is the second album from Norwegian solo artist KaffiMann. All the instruments and effects are arranged by the artist, there have been no other individuals involved. There are no samples anywhere. He's also done the mastering process in a very cold dark cellar using his own self-built speakers, surviving on self made blueberry wine [...]

NOTÖRIOUS Put Their Best Faces Forward On ‘Glamorized’ – Out Mar 31st

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Glamorized, from Norwegian hard rock/glam metal band Notörious, is full of catchy riffs, high pitched vocals, screaming guitar solos and every chorus makes you wanna sing along and party like there’s no tomorrow. Reviewers have previously compared lead singer Chris Höudini with Klaus Meine of Scorpions and guitar player Nikki DiCato with Yngwie Malmsteen and with [...]

ĀTER Draw Deep From The Past On ‘Vullighied’ – Out Mar 24th

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The latest EP from Belgium group Āter is entitled Vullighied and contains 5 tracks of glorious old-school melodic black metal with goose-bump inducing riffs. Vullighied was written in a thousand-year-old dialect to create a truly unique experience and challenge for the listener. The artwork was created by Bram Bruyneel and Anthony Blomme. Lead vocalist Wesley explains [...]

SLIPTRICK RECORDS Awesome Mix Vol XXVI – Free Download

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SLIPTRICK RECORDS - Awesome Mix Vol XXVI Download Cost - €0.00 01. Shadow In The Darkness – The Deontology Of An Android 02. Songs From Black Spirit – Avalon 03. The Striders – Bag Full Of Bones 04. Theosophy – Where Thunder Reigns 05. Zwaremachine – Pulse Available for a limited time only! 5 tracks at [...]

BAD AS Spread News On The ‘Crucified Society’ – Out Mar 17th

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Italian metal group BAD As re-enter the ring with their 3rd full-length album Crucified Society released worldwide on March 17th via Sliptrick Records. With their young, fascinating capable talent on vocals, Dio-alike Mattia Martin, deliver an immense well working mix out of the genre’s proved, traditional elements with a highly crispy, decent modern touch! Here's what [...]

LUCID DREAM Duck And Dive With ‘The Great Dance Of The Spirit’ – Out Mar 10th

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The Great Dance Of The Spirit is the fourth release from Italian progressive hard rock group Lucid Dream. The album is a concept based on the research of the subtle energetic dimensions of the 'Great Spirit'; it’s the third and final chapter of the trilogy started with The Eleventh Illusion and Otherworldly. The Great Dance Of [...]

OUR HATE Are Brutalized And ‘Defiled By Evil’ – Out Mar 3rd

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March 3rd sees the CD/Digital release of Defiled By Evil, the new EP from Belgium metal group Our Hate. The groups musical influences from different kinds of heaviness are covered and blended into a pounding and brutal metal sound and the 5 tracks of Defiled By Evil showcase precisely this. Here's what the group had to [...]

STONER KINGS Beat Their Chests On ‘Alpha Male’ – Out Feb 25th

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Alpha Male is the third full-length album from Finland's Stoner Kings. The album is peppered with potent, riff-laden material and prehistoric, strong rhythms. It's music for the 'alpha males' out there in general, be it for fuel to pump up in the gym or tear down the highway on one's chosen vehicle of choice at maximum [...]