DAMNESTY Sign Plus Sliptrick Bands Tour News

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We'd like to extend a warm welcome to Finnish band Damnesty who'll release their second album The Grand Delusion here on Sliptrick Records. Plus we have upcoming tour news for various bands on the Sliptrick roster. Read more after the break! Damnesty (FI) Metal | Rock Metal Rock band Damnesty was formed in Rauma, Finland, in [...]

Sliptrick November Offensive // Brand new titles available

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''An offensive is a military operation that seeks through aggressive projection of armed force to occupy territory, gain an objective or achieve some larger strategic, operational or tactical goal. Another term for an offensive often used by the media is 'invasion', or the more general 'attack'.'' On November 2016 Sliptrick Records will release ten new titles [...]

Bad Bones signs with Sliptrick Records for the release of 4th album ‘Demolition Derby’ and releases Lyrics video

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'Demolition Derby' is the fourth album by the italian rockers BAD BONES, the second with the talented singer Max Malmerenda on vocals, a rough powerful sound combined with the amazing voice of Max, you will be tossed up and down on a roller coaster made by sharp guitar riffs, pounding rhythms and sing along choruses. The [...]


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Bad Bones | Cuneo | Italy Hard Rock | Rock Influences: Whitesnake | Van Halen | ZZTop | Motorhead Discography: Smalltown Brawlers | Madhouse Music | 2008 Smalltown Brawlers (incl. bonus tracks) | Red Pony | 2009 A Family Affair | Nadir Music | 2010 Snakes And Bones | Bagana | 2012 Snakes And Bones [...]