”An offensive is a military operation that seeks through aggressive projection of armed force
to occupy territory, gain an objective or achieve some larger strategic, operational or tactical goal.
Another term for an offensive often used by the media is ‘invasion’, or the more general ‘attack’.’

On November 2016 Sliptrick Records will release ten new titles featuring ten amazing projects from
different countries, proving that our faith in debuting acts [and old foxes alike] still runs strong!

Alfredo Gargaro [Italy] title: Various

Alfredo Gargaro is a multifaceted guitar player and his long awaited full length, featuring some of
the best singers in Hard Rock and Metal, is to be taken as a lesson in Blues driven Hard Rock/Metal.
Do not pigeonhole this work as the typical guitar based studio project, cause this album is simply
an amazing work of beauty, melody and controlled power

Bad Bones [Italy] title: Demolition Derby

‘Demolition Derby’ is the fourth album by Italian rockers BAD BONES, the second with the talented
singer Max Malmerenda on vocals and if you dig Classic Rock in its purest and undiluted form you
will love the energy and the attitude poured by the band in those tracks.
The album has been recorded mixed and mastered at Domination Studio in San Marino produced by
Simone Mularoni (DGM, Secret Sphere, Vison Divine) while vocals were recorded and produced by
Roberto Tiranti (Labyrinth, Wonderworld) at Gianlupo’s Lair Studio in Genoa.

In My Embrace [Sweden] title: Black Waters Deep

Mixed and Mastered by Jonas Lindström (Ereb Altor, ex-Isole) at Studio Apocalypse and featuring
a guest appearance by Teddy Möller (Loch Vostok, ex-FKÜ amongst others) the new album of
In My Embrace ‘Black Waters Deep’ is a melodic and powerful piece of Death/Black Metal.
Melancholic, dark and melodic yet charging and appealing to modern black/death metal fans alike.
Welcome to Sweden!

Killer 4 [Italy] title: S/T

Retro Grunge with a pretty sharp punkrock attitude! Think of your fav post rock or grunge band
on speed all squeezed up in a beat up van. Killer 4 is fun and fury in the worst club of your town

Lunokhod [Slovakia] title: Watch Out… Season of Discontent

Hardcore and metal with a progressive twist, all spiced up with some alternative experimentation.
‘Watch Out … Season Of Discontent’ is Lunokhod debut album and goes to all the old school fans
out there, not scared to be neither aggressive nor experimental, Lunokhod has got a lot of
unexpected twists.

Marianas Rest [Finland] title: Horror Vacui

The dark shores of the Baltic Sea are home to gloomy melancholy and a place where many sad stories
have come to an inevitable end. Still, in rare occasions new life emerges from the sea.
Finnish coastal town of Kotka is the birth place of Marianas Rest, a band whose gloomy and
doomy death metal has been forged by the crushing pressure of the deep and their album
‘Horror Vacui’ is a finest example of Scandinavian distress turned into a killer work

Precipitation [Germany] title: The Power Of..

Post-Prog and Melodic Death Metal blended into one incendiary meat-grinder of a band.
Precipitation’s debut album ‘The Power Of..’ is a dirty work of art straight from the
engine of Europe, Germany.

Scum [Italy] title: Humana

Where modern Death Metal meets old school thrash, aggravating riffs, assaulting vocals
and violent claustrophobia. Scum are bad news, Scum are charging heavy music with
no-nonsense lyrics..We are not talking about music to heal your soul here, but more
about a brain stomp in the middle of the night banged with the harsh truth about our
lavish and mundane society

Tytus [Italy] title: Rises

Born in 2014 from the beer soaked brains of former members of punk’n’roll/hardcore bands Gonzales,
La Piovra and Eu’s Arse (which extensively toured Europe and USA in the previous decade),
Tytus is what you generally call a traveling band, sharing the stage with the likes of Crowbar,
Valient Thorr and Castle, touring Italy, France and Spain.
“Rises” (as in Tytus Rises) is their first full lenght release featuring talented German
singer/songwriter Conny Ochs and former White Wizzard guitar player Will Wallner.

Heartache [Italy] title: Skyscrapers and Firefalls

Progressive rock, metal and a slight pop flavour profused into melodies in what becomes a
match made in Heaven. Heartache’s new album is the bridge between the the milestone prog and rock
of the 70’s and the heavy rock of this fast moving decade