Joining the ranks at Sliptrick Records this week:

My Space Invaders (IT) Melodic Hardcore | Punk Rock
The Blacktones (IT) Sludge Metal | Alternative Metal
Reshitivist (AU/RUS) Death metal | Black metal

My Space Invaders
My Space Invaders is a punk rock band form Trieste, Italy, that formed in 2007. The current line up features Francesco “Bardy” Bardaro (drums and vocals), Simone “Kelly Simon” Stocheli (guitars and lead vocals), Sami “LuciferSam” Decaneva (Bass) and Andrea “Jhonny” Zanolla (guitars and lead vocals). Each one of the members had previously played in other bands with different musical backgrounds, bringing together various influences to My Space Invaders culminating in what can be defined as a high energy punk-rock/Melodic mix. The excellence of the band lies in their energetic live shows, which have kept them busy since the very beginning, bringing them on stages in the major European Countries. Their new album Dogs ‘n’ Pigs will be out in 2017 on Sliptrick Records.

Band links: Facebook | Youtube

The Blacktones
Formed in Cagliari, Italy on March of 2011, The Blacktones started life as an instrumental band from an idea of Sergio Boi and Gianni Farci. After some gigs and line-up changes, including the addition of vocals, the style of the band was influenced by the Stoner/Grunge/Metal wave of the nineties and so on, with the addition of poly-rhythms. The sound of the band is dark and gloomy, with the insertion of granite-like riffs. The Blacktones have already released an EP and album in 2012 and 2015 respectively and have also undergone more personnel changes during that time leading to the current settled line-up. With the new forthcoming album, The Day We Shut Down The Sun, the group feature more aggressive songs with strong, dynamic guitar arrangements.

Band links: Facebook | Youtube

Reshitivist is a one man blackened death metal project from Melbourne, Australia, comprised of multi instrumentalist Adrian “Bage” Zuccon, who resides between the cold, harsh climates of Siberia and south eastern Australia. Commencement by Failure is Reshitivist’s debut 13 track album arriving on Sliptrick Records soon. It features dark undertones that were captured in a low ceilinged, cold, musty garage, with additional dull, natural sounds added where they’re meant to stand out. All this has created a bleak and dark body of work. Although being a one man band, Reshitivist is gearing up to follow the album release with live performances around the globe.

Band links: Facebook