ANTICHRIST RADIO Featuring Music From Sliptrick Records (Part 1)

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Antichrist Radio: Show 22 : Sliptrick Records Part 1 A big shout out to Antichrist Radio for Part 1 of their feature on Sliptrick Records. Check out it below! Featuring: My Space Invaders - Pigs Eat The Pig Sunwalter - Message from Nowhere Necrophor - Legion Cyanide Sundae - What Can I Do Jaw Bones - [...]

MY SPACE INVADERS Album ‘Dogs ‘n’ Pigs’ – Out Today!

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Get the CD or MP3’s at Shop Sliptrick now | Dogs ‘n’ Pigs My Space Invaders – Dogs ‘n’ Pigs 01. Dogs’n’Pigs [Chapters 1 – 10] Genre: Melodic Hardcore | Punk Rock Tracks: 1 [Chapters 1 - 10] | Duration: 00:29:05 Released by: Sliptrick Records 14.11.17 Band pages: Facebook | Youtube Buy now from: Shop Sliptrick Dogs ‘n’ Pigs marks the 3rd release from [...]

MY SPACE INVADERS Are Keeping ‘Dogs ‘n’ Pigs’ – Out Nov 14th

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My Space Invaders is a punk rock band form Trieste (Italy) that formed in 2007. The current line up features Francesco "Bardy" Bardaro (drums and vocals), Simone "Kelly Simon" Stocheli (guitars and lead vocals), Sami "LuciferSam" Decaneva (Bass) and Andrea "Jhonny" Zanolla (guitars and lead vocals). All of the members had previously played in other bands [...]


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Joining the ranks at Sliptrick Records this week: My Space Invaders (IT) Melodic Hardcore | Punk Rock The Blacktones (IT) Sludge Metal | Alternative Metal Reshitivist (AU/RUS) Death metal | Black metal My Space Invaders My Space Invaders is a punk rock band form Trieste, Italy, that formed in 2007. The current line up features Francesco [...]


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MY SPACE INVADERS // IT My Space Invaders | Trieste | Italy Melodic Hardcore | Punk Rock Influences: Millencollin | Green Day | The Offspring | Misfits Discography: 666 Hi Score | Maninalto! | 2011 No Money No Fun | This Is Core Records | 2014 Dogs ‘n’ Pigs | Sliptrick Records | 2017 [...]