Note: Today is the release of the physical CD version. The online format was released earlier in this year.

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Worselder – Paradigms Lost
Genre: Heavy-thrash | Stoner
Tracks: 10 | Duration: 00:53:52
Released by: Sliptrick Records 14.09.17
Band pages: Official Website | Facebook

In the fall of 2015, French Heavy-thrash/Stoner group Worselder, started the pre-production of their second album Paradigms Lost finally finishing of 10 track opus in late 2016. The album is certainly Worselder’s most accomplished work to date: the writing has the typical characteristics that form the sound of the band but it’s also more mature than previous releases, with plaintive, thought provoking lyrics. Take a listen to the sampler below. Read more about Paradigms Lost …here