Latvian folk metal group Varang Nord will appear with an international line-up at this years Hard Rock Laager Festival. The festival takes place in Vigala Vana, Rapla County, in beautiful Estonia and Varang Nord will be onstage at 21:00 on July 2nd on Stage B. The band recently did two charity gigs in support of Ukraine in Lithuania that took place in Vilnius and Kaunas at the end of May!

Here’s the official festival word; “At Estonia’s largest heavy music festival, truly important foreign performers will be able to enjoy again this summer for several years. “Well-known foreign artists have always been a cherry on the cake for Hard Rock Camp. In the conditions of the pandemic, our wings were cut in this respect, but now we can breathe more freely and it can be said that this year’s list of performers is one of the best!” confirms Kaido Haavandi, the chief organizer of the Hard Rock Camp.

This summer, foreign rock names Devin Townsend (Canada), Baroness (USA), Benediction (UK), Pestilence (Netherlands), Skiltron (Argentina), as well as Varang Nord (Latvia) will take the stage of Hard Rock Camp. Burn Still, Freakangel, Talbot, Brad Jurjens, Hunta, Kulo, Süda, Beyond The Structure, STRYCH: 9, Tankist, Ulguränd, Maleva, ÆØNS, Woundgiver, Boners and The Satones also offer a great experience.”

Varang Nord – Pārķiuņa Uomurs
Pārķiuņa Uomurs (Thunder’s Hammer) is the fourth studio album from Latvian group Varang Nord. As with previous albums, it still combines harsh death metal riffs with epic accordion chants, creating a unique blend of northern pagan/folk metal, but for the first time in band’s history, all the lyrics are written in the Latgalian language (an eastern dialect of Latvian). The album is proudly dedicated to Varang Nord’s homeland, the power and beauty of it’s nature and the depth of it’s cultural roots. Read more …here

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Pārķiuņa Uomurs | Released February 23rd, 2021 via Sliptrick Records

Varang Nord are:
Maksims “Wolf” Popovs – Vocals/Guitar | Jelena Kalniša – Vocals/Accordion | Danila Lopuha – Bass/Vocals | Javgenijs Selivanovs – Guitar | Aigars Zeiza – Drums | Vjačeslavs Janens – Percussion/Vocals

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