Joining the ranks at Sliptrick Records this week:

Cyanide Sundae (UK) Hard Rock | Metal
Word Of Life (GR) Progressive Metal | Black/Death Metal
Emily Decides To Die (RUS) Alternative Metalcore

Cyanide Sundae

British band Cyanide Sundae initially began at the end of summer in 2016. They were on a mission to create something new, energetic and heavy but appealing to a wide audience. The song writing came together very quickly and in 2017, the EP Nothing to Lose was recorded including the single, What Can I Do. The band have drawn from an array of influences to add distinction to the contemporary hard rock songs they create. Any one of their songs from their extensive catalogue will testify to this. Cyanide Sundae has been described as dynamic and different, fierce and aggressive, a hard rock band with a splash of punk and intense, raspy vocals tied together with a just a squeeze of metal. The group have quickly built a reputation for being an energetic and dynamic hard rock/metal hybrid with powerful melodies that appeal to fans of rock, hard rock & metal music. Cyanide Sundae produce a huge live sound for a three piece band and their unique set up is well worth catching if you can. Nothing to Lose will be released via Sliptrick Records soon!

Band links: Facebook | Youtube

Word Of Life

Word Of Life is a progressive metal quartet from Greece, formed in 2013 and maintaining a stable line up ever since. The band’s aim is to create and express art, musically and lyrically, in a more esoteric and unique way than ever heard before. In 2015, they released their first EP entitled The Great Work, which set the keystone for the band’s future sound. Following this release, the band dedicated themselves to performing live and working restlessly on new material. Now the band moves one step further and has adopted a heavier, more aggressive sound. In 2016, the Muaum video was released. The video featured a new ritual chant track, full of luminous vibrations that cleansed and inaugurated a new era that the band was passing into. Jahbulon, the band’s first full length album is a combination of Word Of Life’s progressive metal groundwork and Greek/Eastern traditional music, augmented with more occult and mystical lyrical themes. Jahbulon is expected for release via Sliptrick Records in early 2018.

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | Instagram

Emily Decides To Die

The Russian Alternative Metal-core band Emily Decides To Die, was established in the summer of July 4, 2015. Their shared musical dream led the five friends to unity and soon, friendship grew into cooperation. Numerous practice and the constant honing of their skills, are the keystones to the groups success. You may ask: “Why does Emily decide to die?” who is this Emily? “Emily is an old life. A life that was filled with pain, lies and misunderstanding. The sacred meaning is hidden in the lyrics and is there to be revealed to everyone. Emily Decides To Die have been in the studio this year and their debut EP, The Wonderland, will be released via Sliptrick Records!

Band links: Facebook