A new day is born, an intense shock-wave irradiates Parole Perse’s new entity: demerged, modified and improved. The new release Epicentrum was conceived from the ashes of an internal rupture, releasing a new creativity flux between the remaining members of the band, Carlo and Pino. “This has been a particular year for us, this major change in the band has raised awareness of our capabilities and our strengths, we pushed the reset button and got back to work and started from the foundation of Parole Perse’s original sound.”

A blade as a corridor of this new path, which can be seen like a “turbulent stasis” that sums up all emotions permeating the lyrics, can describe the mood of this release: sharp but smooth at the same time, arrhythmically regular, painful and rabid but full of joy and determination.

“This EP is a natural evolution in terms of songwriting, emphasizing calmer and more aggressive parts musically and lyrically, increasing significantly the album’s global dynamics.”

Epicentrum also features Pat and Piter’s entry in the band, adding a precious ingredient and a breath of fresh air in the equation, raising the instrumental section with quality and solidity.

So close, I rose
So far, my star

Epicentrum | Released November 9th, 2017 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Libra | 02. Nebula | 03. 3rd Law | 04. Transcend | 05. Fission | 06. Epicentrum

Recorded and mixed at Stairwaystudio in Cimo (TI), Switzerland and mastered at Bionic Studio, VT, USA. Epicentrum has an excellent production thanks to Stefano Scenini’s great skills and Tom Hutten, a connoisseur of Parole Perse’s music, who also worked on their previous EP.

Parole Perse are:
Carlo – Vocals/Guitar | Piter – Guitar | Pino – Drums | Pat – Bass

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