One More Weekend’s debut album We Used To… is put simply, a roller coaster ride of emotions. The albums ‘loose theme’ is based around all aspects of communication in todays world. The high energy brand of rock that One More Weekend brings is both tight and perfected and yet they are not afraid to show their softer side. Their songs tell stories and provoke feelings which their audience can absorb and so enjoy the adventure.

The opening track, Boxheads, is a slice of pure pop rock and an ode to those that yearn for something more in everyday life. Faceless Names, The Heat, Leave Me Be and Deprived all deal with personal, mental and physical relationship issues and come with their own distinctive rock groove. Shredders, Listen, Generation and You Don’t Know Me bring a very real world take on subjects that include the advertising fueled consumerism industry, communication and predetermination in todays society. De-Icing My Car and Humanity are both powerfully emotional highlights that provide insight into personal and world issues and among all this we have two acoustic tracks Cover Talk and Lost At Sea that delve into deeply personal stories.

As a debut album, We Used To… is a superb slice of rock.

Track listing:
01. Boxheads | 02. Faceless Names | 03. De-Icing My Car | 04. Listen | 05. Cover Talk | 06. The Heat | 07. Generation | 08. Humanity | 09. Leave Me Be | 10. Deprived | 11. You Don’t Know Me | 12. Lost At Sea | 13. De-Icing My Car

We Used To… | Released October 8th 2019 via Sliptrick Records

One More Weekend are:
Connor Dougan – Guitar/Lead Vocals | Leith Dougan – Bass/Backing Vocals | Paul Healey – Drums/Percussion | Tim Aslett – Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | Twitter | On Sliptrick