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Fallen Angels – Even Priest Knows
01. Intro | 02. Captain In The Dark | 03. Feast With The Beast | 04. Millionaire Man | 05. Pink High Hills | 06. Jennifer Drugs | 07. The Force In The Mind | 08. Psycholove | 09. But I’ll Live Forever | 10. For A Piece Of Bread

Genre: Glam Rock
Released by: Sliptrick Records 30.04.18
Duration: 00:43:46
Tracks: 10

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On Even Priest Knows, the sound reaches into different shades of the 80’s period (pop, rock, metal, blues …), but never leaves its core genre. This is a record that does not want to bore or outstay it’s welcome but wants to bring with it a strong appeal to the magnificent 80s, presented by the eccentric personalities of the Fallen Angels. Read more about Even Priest Knows …here

Fallen Angels are:
Matty Mannant – Vocals | Ste Wizard – Guitar | Luke Gyzz – Drums | Matthew Ice – Bass

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