US thrash metal group Crazy Mad Ride arrive on the scene with their first E.P entitled Life, Liberty, Death and it proves that the band has what it takes to be raw, powerful, versatile and original.

Delivering an immense amount of hook with the first track Lunacy, the listener gets an immediate taste of what is to follow. With guitar work that has never been done before, it earns its spot as the opener for the E.P. Continuing, Scorpio keeps the energy flowing with its fast thrash and ‘to the point’ attitude. The song is eight and a half minutes of pure aggression with a proper amount of breakdowns to keep the audience wondering what comes next. As the speed and power of Scorpio comes to a close, Bayou Bounty then takes the third spot on the E.P with a bass line opening as its calling card. As Doc Lopez comes in with some clean guitar chords, Brandon Barker follows shortly after with a slide solo. As the intro closes, the bass kicks into a distorted tone as it leads the rest of the band into a fury of riffs that will grab listeners of thrash and rock ’n’ roll alike. By the end of the song, the audience is sure to be nodding as the entire band kicks into a rock style jam for the ending. The Deceiver then comes in at number four with a highly unique guitar intro that gives a time traveling effect back to the 80s. With old school tones and techniques, the song contains original riffs that are sure to grab any high octane metalhead. For the duration of the track there is no holding back. It is constantly in your face with shredding solos, impactful lyrics, and the will to say “We are Crazy Mad Ride, and we’re here to prove we are the next best thing.”

01. Lunacy | 02. Scorpio | 03. Bayou Bounty | 04. The Deceiver

Life, Liberty, Death | Released September 19th, 2023 via Sliptrick Records

Crazy Mad Ride are:
Brandon Barker – Vocals/Guitar | Doc Lopez – Guitar/Backing Vocals | Dewayne Bjorn – Drums

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick