Black Reuss – Dependence [Official Video]
Taken from the album: Journey | Sliptrick Records | 2022

Melodic gothic metal project Black Reuss offer the first video from the forthcoming album Journey to be released via Sliptrick Records in 2022. The track in question is called Dependence.

“If we allow our happiness to depend too much on things, it can have dangerous consequences for our peace. Dependence is a real challenge and a real difficulty to overcome. It takes a lot of courage to use the strengths that help us overcome our need for security and comfort, but it is necessary so that we can reach our true potential.”

There is one person behind Black Reuss. Music, compositions, production, lyrics everything is from one pen and as close to the person behind Black Reuss as it can be. “All is one, all seems to be in balance, all is one, the journey can begin now”

Black Reuss is:
Maurizio Dottore – Vocals/Guitars/Bass/Keys/Programming

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