Belgium melodic black metal group Āter have released a new lyrics video in the form of the track Strontroaper van Abjele which can be found on their recent EP, Vullighied. The song, as with the other tracks on the EP, is written in an almost 1000 year old dialect of Flanders.

Strontroaper van Abjele is about about a hard-working individual cleaning shit off the streets while the elite makes fun of him, all the while he is actually doing the most noble of jobs… keeping your shoes clean and making sure his offspring does not need to suffer any hunger.

Āter – Vullighied
The latest EP from Belgium group Āter is entitled Vullighied and contains 5 tracks of glorious old-school melodic black metal with goose-bump inducing riffs. Vullighied was written in a thousand-year-old dialect to create a truly unique experience and challenge for the listener. Read more …here

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Vullighied | Released March 24th, 2020 on Sliptrick Records

Āter are:
Wesley Beernaert – Lead Vocals | Guy Van Nieuwenhove – Guitar | Jeroen Lagae – Guitar | Jerry Winkelmans – Drums | Roger Romain – Bass | Luca Viperini – Guitar (Live)

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