The Spanish group Allie’s Mass researched the darkest environments of doom and stoner for their debut self-titled EP. The band experienced distortions throughout the structure, and maneuvered grooves into guitar riffs, while the drums maintain doom-laden lines and on certain occasions, they incorporate progressive elements giving moments of complexity. The voice goes beyond the traditional Doom/Stoner tropes, as it is inclined to deepen with echoes, distorting and attaching itself to the genres without the need to develop heart-wrenching voices.

Here’s what this unique band have to say; “Our first release is just a reflection of our existence and our demons trying to get out, revealing our true souls, with no masks in between. Revoking Allie’s life and her fall into darkness, everything that appears on the album is made by ourselves with the resources and skills each of us have: musical composition, production, artwork, recording and mixing process… Of course, under Allie’s and other creatures of evil influence. Last song’s rite is our great memory of Sir Count D. Heavy doomed guitars, raging drums, hammered bass, Hammond howls and voices from the depths of our beings shape the entire path this record is. From slow, ruined riffs to mystic and atmospheric passages through rock‘n’roll flashbacks, telling you to “wake up”.

Apart from what your ears are listening to, the carefully crafted artwork will give you some visual clues of what is going on in Allie’s tangible fantasy. Each song is matched with an old polaroid picture that takes you to the beginning of the story, through the affair and to the… end? Just go with the flow of her call, leave this world in disguise and join Our Church.”

Allie’s Mass | Released November 16th, 2017 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Little Allie | 02. Slept | 03. Woman | 04. Second Chapter | 05. 88 8888 888

Produced, mixed and recorded by Edu “Count” in Estudiouno, Madrid.

Allie’s Mass are: 
Nacho – Vocals | Víctor – Guitar | Edu “Count” – Guitar/Keys | David – Drums | Xus – Bass | Allie – Amosphere’s Master

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | Instagram