‘Heartache’ progressive rock/metal enters the Sliptrick Records roster, setting the bar
higher with their sophomore album Skyscrapers and Firefalls.

Progressive rock, metal, atmosphere and skill are fused with almost pop music flavored melodies
in what becomes the perfect marriage of inspiration and history of the great progressive and
rock bands from the seventies until today.

Novelty and experimentation that also manage to grant the pleasure of familiarity.

Born during the school years from the minds of friends that show musical affinity and great passion,
Heartache began to lay the foundation of what will become its peculiarity: crating original,
innovative music, done with care in every detail. After a few important line-up changes, the embryo
transformed into what it is today, with its launch in the musical scene thanks to numerous live events
that put the band on the scene of important roman clubs such as the Jailbreak and many Italian town squares.

Great amount of ideas, technical ability and style. Such drive will see the birth, in 2012,
of the EP “Apophis”, and it will also establish the band’s collaboration with the italian label CNI.

The album consists in a four movement suite, where the events of the myth of Pandora are fused with a
real encyclodepia of musical genres, with lyrics telling introspective stories, investigating the human mind.

«What happens in this short but intense Apophis is justified by great passion and skill,
there’s no need to go around in circles: the quintet is nothing less than many better known realities
and it’s legit to expect something more from them in the future.» this is what the web zine
Metal Wave stated in an enthusiastic review of the EP.

Year 2015 will finally sees “Heartache” back in studio to record their first full-lenght,
a masterpiece where the same tune and cohesion that described the four movements of Apophis,
is now found in all tracks, in a concept album that sees a man, emblem of his time,
living in the trap of social isolation, lost in technology’s unreal net.

Every track gives mind to the subject of the appearances and deception of human relationship,
in a true spiritual voyage that will take its protagonist to the awareness and detachment
needed to escape from that world to find contact with the reality surrounding him.