LUCID DREAM – The Great Dance Of The Spirit

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Track listing:
01. Wall Of Fire | 02. Desert Glass | 03. By My Side | 04. Moving Sands | 05. A Dress Of Light | 06. The War Of The Cosmos | 07. The Realm Of Beyond | 08. Golden Silence | 09. Wall Of Fire (acoustic reprise) | 10. Prayer For The Great Spirit | 11. Invisible Stranger | 12. Wakan Tanka

Genre: Hard Rock Progressive | Mystic Metal
Released by: Sliptrick Records 10.03.20
Duration: 00:57:43
Tracks: 12

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The Great Dance Of The Spirit is the fourth release from Italian progressive hard rock group Lucid Dream. The album is a concept based on the research of the subtle energetic dimensions of the ‘Great Spirit’; it’s the third and final chapter of the trilogy started with The Eleventh Illusion and OtherworldlyThe Great Dance Of The Spirit is a voyage at the borders of the universe. The album was recorded (as were the previous ones) at 432Hz, making this sound deeper and nobler. Read more …here

Lucid Dream are:
Simone Terigi – Guitars | Roberto Tiranti – Bass/Vocals | Karl Faraci – Vocals | Paolo “Paolo” Tixi – Drums | Luca Scherani – Keyboards

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