Project Description

BOFO KWO – The Massacre

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Released by: Sliptrick Records 05.06.20
From the album: Space/Time Carnivorium
Format: Online Single/Lyrics Video
Genre: Symphonic Black Metal

The Massacre is the first lyric video from the new upcoming Bofo Kwo album Space/Time Carnivorium, released worldwide via Sliptrick Records on June 30th and it’s a story about our three main characters slaughtering of a group of worshipers.

The song captures the vibe as the three cannibals reminisce about the slaughter of a village, celebrating what ever false gods they are worshiping. The riffage draws heavily from doom metal and noise rock sprinkled with a little Black Sabbath amongst the bursts of slowly decaying frustration. Like memories that are too delicious and sweet but still faded and clouded to fully ingest.

Funny trivia: the Jingle Bells melody is playing during the intro and outro.

Space/Time Carnivorium | Released June 30th 2020 via Sliptrick Records

Bofo Kwo are:
Ted Egger (Bofo Kwo) – Vocals | Janne Winther (Bomari) – Backing Vocals | Kimmo Lindholm (Wamufo) – Lead Guitar

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