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Released by: Sliptrick Records 13.03.20
From the album: Rest In Peace
Format: Online Single/Official Video
Genre: Alternative | Electric | Pop | Indie | Rock

Australian alternative singer songwriter Bethany Neville has released the first material from her forthcoming album Rest In Peace due out via Sliptrick Records on April 14th. The track in question is Smile and is released in digital format along with an official video.

Bethany had this to say about the track; “Smile is about someone who has a nihilistic point of view on society and themselves, believing that there’s no point living in a world with so much darkness around them – though they are not suicidal. They’re tired of people just telling them it gets better while they’re suffering with mental illness. A smile won’t fix that. But society will continue to tell them there is always a quick fix.”

Rest In Peace | Released April 14th 2020 via Sliptrick Records

Bethany Neville is:
Bethany Neville | Vocals/Piano/Production

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