Zeus The Temple is the brainchild of singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Henry Temple. The debut album, We Can Win was written and recorded in New Zealand and Australia and combine’s facet’s of Rock, progressive rock and orchestral influence’s. The album build’s upon success oversea’s with Henry’s music already having gained airplay in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the U.S as well as song’s being placed in Hollywood film’s and on Canadian television.

We Can Win features 12 ecelctric tracks opening with the 7 min plus dance progressive epic, People (Wherever They Fall..), to the orchestral mastery of Doomsday, the surefire rock pounder Dreams Of A Common Man and the uplifting rock majesty of The Crossroads as well as 8 other tremendous tracks that cover themes of hope, depression, love, disease, money, power and being pissed off in a mixed up world.

Track by track in the words of main songwriter Henry Temple:
Pretty current themes in People (Wherever They Fall..) which is about people being hunted down by a terrible virus in an overpopulated World gone mad!

Doomsday is an orchestral song to cheer you up about the end of the World; attempting to save humanity from itself and finding a way out.

Dreams Of A Common Man is about wanting to break out from the daily grind of a dead end day job and find success in whatever you really want to do in life.

A hopeful song. The Crossroads tells how the World currently stand’s at a cross roads and the need to make change’s to improve the live’s of all on this planet.

Blow Them Away!! is a song about being pissed off with authority, political correctness and wanting to rock hard on the no rule’s stage of life!!

Why Don’t They Leave Us Alone..? is for the rockers who died at 27, who lived life to the max and went out with a bang but also this song is for those who are tired of being told what to do!

A rocking love song dedicated to the one billion people of Europe gives us Europe Love.

Keep Goin’ On is an optimistic song questioning how long humanity can exist but finding love and giving love to all those around you.

We Can Win is about going into battle, overcoming adversity and winning (whatever that mean’s..).

Groove For The World – An instrumental track with a cool groove to to get the World moving.

Next up is a song about The One Percent of the one percent and wanting to join the club of multi-billionaires to help other’s.

Rise is a song about how the World is so on edge and wanting to get away and rise to a better place in the sky.

We Can Win | Released September 29th, 2020 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. People (Wherever They Fall..) | 02. Doomsday | 03. Dreams Of A Common Man | 04. The Crossroads | 05. Blow Them Away!! | 06. Why Don’t They Leave Us Alone..? | 07. Europe Love | 08. Keep Goin’ On | 09. We Can Win | 10. Groove For The World | 11. The One Percent | 12. Rise

Zeus The Temple are:
Henry Temple – Vocals/Drums/Guitar/Keyboards/Production | Jet Wunder – Lead Guitar/Bass/Programming

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | Twitter | On Sliptrick