Zeistencroix, the post industrial band from Los Angeles, California, has released their new video Fallen Prophet, the third single from their album Gen Z, out via Sliptrick Records at the end of the last year. The video for Fallen Prophet is a little over three minutes long, with apocalyptic scenes bookending the track. It was recorded in San Bernardino, California, a few days before the shutdown of the city, which contributed to delaying the premiere.

Zeistencroix – Gen Z
Powerful guitar riffs, odd-time-syncopated drums, a heavy use of electronic sounds plus a clean and an electronic voice (without the use of any effects), are some of the striking characteristics heard throughout Gen Z giving Zeistencroix their truly unique and deadly sound. Read more …here

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Gen Z | Released on October, 2019 on Sliptrick Records

Zeistencroix are:
Orlando “OD” Draven – Vocals/Guitars | Santi Rivillas – Drums | Zander Reddis – Live Bass

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