Beholder is the debut album from Italian Progressive Rock/Metal band Ypnos. It features 10 songs, including the 7-track Tyranny Suite. Being more a musical travelogue through the human brain in 7 distinct steps, rather than a canonical suite, Tyranny Suite is a direct statement; “humans are enslaved by their own emotions, from birth to death. Emotions are tyrants we either learn to cope with or yield under their power”.

The 10 tracks from Beholder vary through very different styles, from the metal/prog-metal oriented Arachnophobia and March of The Tyrants, to the progressive rock of State of Grace and The Ending, through to the pop-ish Reality. Ypnos try to explore themselves in every song, in an endless journey through colors and music, harvesting the deepest cuts and throwing away all the excess waste until only music and basic emotions remain. Ypnos rarely over indulge themselves with their own melodies, keeping every song as tight as possible. No pointless long solos or over repeated riffs. This is a compelling mantra in the band’s natural “modus operandi”, and also applies to the intimate and cerebral style of the lyrics.

Beholder was produced by the band themselves using a very successful crowdfunding campaign. It was mixed and mastered by the long experienced musician, engineer and producer Roberto Priori at PriStudio.

Beholder | Released September 19th, 2017 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01 Arachnophobia | 02 Tyranny Suite: I. The Beginning (Birth of a New Slave) | 03 Tyranny Suite: II. State of Grace | 04 Tyranny Suite: III. March of the Tyrants (The Tempest, Pt. 1) | 05 Tyranny Suite: IV. Building an Empire (The Tempest, Pt. 2) | 06 Tyranny Suite: V. Reality (State of Conscience, Pt. 1) | 07 Tyranny Suite: VI. Diary of a Slave (State of Conscience, Pt. 2) | 08 Tyranny Suite: VII. The Ending | 09 Northern Star | 10 The Circle, Pt. 1: Grey

Ypnos are:
Christian Peretto – Vocals | Davide Morisi – Guitar | Marco Govoni – Bass | Valentino Bosi – Keyboards | Giacomo Calabria – Drums

Band links: Facebook | Youtube