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Ypnos – Beholder
01 Arachnophobia | 02 Tyranny Suite: I. The Beginning | 03 Tyranny Suite: II. State of Grace | 04 Tyranny Suite: III. March of the Tyrants | 05 Tyranny Suite: IV. Building an Empire | 06 Tyranny Suite: V. Reality | 07 Tyranny Suite: VI. Diary of a Slave | 08 Tyranny Suite: VII. The Ending | 09 Northern Star | 10 The Circle, Pt. 1: Grey

Genre: Progressive Rock | Metal
Tracks: 10 | Duration: 00:53:46
Released by: Sliptrick Records 19.09.17
Band pages: Facebook | Youtube

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Beholder is the debut album from Italian Progressive Rock/Metal band Ypnos. It features 10 songs, including the 7-track Tyranny Suite. Being more a musical travelogue through the human brain in 7 distinct steps, rather than a canonical suite, Tyranny Suite is a direct statement; “humans are enslaved by their own emotions, from birth to death. Emotions are tyrants we either learn to cope with or yield under their power”. Read more about Beholder …here