Swiss alternative rock group Yesterday Is History are back with their latest EP entitled Circles released worldwide via Sliptrick Records on April 16th. Circles is a continuation and embellishment upon their previous EP Frames as the band explore the concepts that are close to them while expanding upon the bands punk pop/rock sound.

10 facts about Circles you probably didn’t know:
Circles is a pop/rock mashup with punk rhythm and pop melodies.

• The band are mainly inspired by the whole modern scene in terms of musical production, rather than in terms of “music”.

• They are inspired by their previous releases and try to evolve their sound.

• They would like to principally transmit the sense of power with their songs.

Yesterday Is History would like you to appreciate the good level of production and hope you feel some emotion by listening to them.

Circles is an album written mainly for live performance. It was written to give rhythm and power to their shows.

• The themes of the new songs haven’t detached a lot from the previous EP Frames, although each song expresses a different concept as opposed to Frames, which was a concept album.

• The cover represents a girl from behind, in the middle of an Arizona road (more precisely, in Phoenix). The girl looks at the sun, a circle. The circle symbolizes continuity and perfection. The cover and the artwork was created by Egon Klett.

• The EP was made in a year starting from the writing and delivery of the Master.

• The EP was recorded in HRS Massagno, Lugano. Mixed and Mastered by Giampiero Ulacco in Pescara.

Circles | Released April 16th, 2019 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Midnight Drive | 02. Pages | 03. Planet X | 04. Ricochet | 05. Scratched

Yesterday Is History are:
Matteo Sulmoni – Guitar / Vocals | Mattia Facciolo – Guitar | Marco Stevanato – Bass | Davide Sulmoni – Drums

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick