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Wonderworld – Wonderworld III
01. Background Noises | 02. Stormy Night | 03. Big Word | 04. Crying Out For Freedom | 05. A Mountain Left To Climb | 06. Brand New Man | 07. Rebellion | 08. The Last Frontier | 09. Stay Away From Me | 10. There Must Be More

Genre: Classic Rock | Hard Rock
Released by: Sliptrick Records 19.06.18
Vinyl version: Sliptrick Records 07.09.21
Duration: 00:49:53
Tracks: 10

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In October 2017, Wonderworld started recording their 3rd album….simply to be called; III (following the numeric theme of the previous releases I and II). Even though there is influence from Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, AC/DC and Rush in the mix, the band have their own musical style and have created a solid combination of old and new influences sprinkled with their own spices to forge a melting pot of rock music. Read more about III …here

Wonderworld are:
Roberto Tiranti – Vocals/Bass | Ken Ingwersen – Guitars/Backing vocals | Tom Arne Fossheim – Drums/Backing vocals

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