Sliptrick Records proudly presents five new acts from Russia, Italy, Slovakia and Greece,
that recently signed for the the release of their debuts.

Due to be available on the market between late June and early September, the albums
will be distributed through each and every download and streaming platform as well
as selected shops and chain stores.

Ascent is a Female fronted Death metal formation from Novosibirsk Russia.
Their first album «Don’t stop when you walk through the hell» got that fresh death metal
sound with an hint for classic death,a must for young metalheads and old headbangers alike!

Incendiary cocktail of punk attitude and stoner sound, Killer 4 hails from Italy
and packed 5 tracks of pure, undiluted hangover rockin’n’rolling messed up rock!

Hailing from Kosice, Slovakia land of several heavy acts, Lunokhod is a
three piece band balancing between hardcore-metal and melodic heavy/alt rock.
Their debut is as fresh as a watermelon on a hot mediterranean day yet as
aggressive as an hardcore band should be. Real no-nonsense mind shaking lyrics.

Thessaloniki, Greece..Project Theory was born in 2013 successfully
mixing aggressive riffs and sorrowfully melodic vocals to craft a killer formula
titled “Something Between Us’’, their up and coming ten tracks album!

The Kreoles represent a fine example of adding female vocals to some hard/heavy thunderous riffs
in the vein of Annihilator and Iron Maiden. Reminding of a Female Fronted version of Ozzy’s
album No More Tears, their album is a must for any respectable Heavy collection!