Warhammer – At The Threshold Of Eternity
01. The Nightmare Started…… | 02. Throughout The Realm | 03. Collision | 04. Pandemonium | 05. Stone Dead Warrior | 06. At The Threshold Of Eternity | 07. Resurrection From The Ashes

Genre: Extreme Metal | Melodic Thrash Metal
Tracks: 7 | Duration: 00:28:39
Released by: Sliptrick Records 02.11.17
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For At The Threshold Of EternityWarhammer gave everything they had to create the best album they had in them matched with a great sound. This is an album they hope will satisfy all their friends, fans and families who have supported them on their journey. The group are rightly proud of their achievements and certainly, At The Threshold Of Eternity should be seen as their pinnacle so far. Read more about At The Threshold Of Eternity …here

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