Angels Don’t Sleep, their first studio and debut album, was written by Helena for her band Helena Aleksandre’s. A great feature of the music is in it’s originality and the uniting of several styles such as folk, rock, metal, hard rock and progressive.

Verses and choruses differ in instrumental performance. There are epic solos, unforgettable acoustic parts and hard moments that will not leave anyone indifferent. Helena’s original handwriting and Vera’s beautiful vocals cover the entirety of Angels Don’t Sleep.

The album was recorded and mastered by Alex Gorshkov at Step Hatred Studio from April to July 2019. The sound producer was Alex Gorshkov, the guitarist of death metal band Barbarity.

Track by track by Helena Aleksandre:
01. I Killed My Fear – The song has the expression and aggressiveness that fits perfectly into the concept of hard rock. The main feature of this song is the transitions of rhythm and the epic solo with samples. In a philosophical sense, the song struggles with fears and attachments, force spirit that would not surrender in any situation and remember that in world, all is temporary.

02. Где же ты мой ангел (Where You My Angel) – This song has a drive with beautiful acoustic parts, flageolets, a very heartbreaking solo and a very clever change of tonality in the middle. The meaning of the song shows the search for one’s place and for love and the hope of falling in love again, turning to an angel for help.

03. Tears Of Rain – Recorded on acoustic with addition of samples of rain and thunderstorm. The meaning of the composition is that after a bad time in life it is always comes happiness days.

04. Tell Me For What – Originally not included on the album, after recording it turned out great and began to complement the album’s themes. Beautiful moments of Phrygian fret with vocals which only make the song more interesting. The track has a positive-sounding choruses and menacing verses. There is also a classical guitar which gives a soft and warm sound which makes the song more positive despite all the hard rockiness.

05. Point Of Collection – The peculiarity of the song is that the introduction is made without a folk element but with a shier transmission of something magical and wonderful samples. A solo features in the beginning and can be associated with excitement when preparing for an escape but at the end the solo, it discharges as if something has already happened and it causes a lot of feelings.

06. Polar Night – The second instrumental is a composition with an acoustic guitar and magical samples. You can imagine the crazy cold and hopelessness during a blizzard. A fire cannot warm you and only the appearance of the Aurora Borealis gives you hope for survival.

07. You Can Find A Way – The idea was to create something aggressive even more expressive with hard metal elements. The song features a very acoustic intro and verses with a beautiful vocal and rhythm but after the acoustics fades into the background and chorus explodes.

08. Ангелы не спят (Angels Don’t Sleep) – The center piece of the album. Angels really do not sleep in our difficult moments of life and they have souls who want us to be happy every day. But often no one hears them. Beautiful rhythmic patterns, folk introduction, change of tonality, memorable guitar overkill and most importantly an awesome, epic solo. The vocals are a bit quieter than in other songs in order to feel the beauty of the music.

Angels Don’t Sleep | Released November 24th, 2020 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. I Killed My Fear | 02. Где же ты мой ангел (Where You My Angel) | 03. Tears Of Rain | 04. Tell Me For What | 05. Point Of Collection | 06. Polar Night | 07. You Can Find A Way | 08. Ангелы не спят (Angels Don’t Sleep)

Helena Aleksandre’s are:
Helena Aleksandre – Guitar | Vera Moore – Vocals | Stasy Short – Classical Guitar | Ekaterina Babkina – Bass Guitar

Band links: Facebook | Instagram | On Sliptrick