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Verilun – Through Fire… In The Sun
01. Montivagus (Intro) | 02. Upon The Mountain | 03. Untimely Born | 04. Seven Years And Seven Winks | 05. Wanderer | 06. Gamma Binauris | 07. The Garden | 08. Something Other Than God | 09. Through Fire… In The Sun

Genre: Death Metal | Black Metal
Released by: Sliptrick Records 03.05.18
Duration: 00:58:18
Tracks: 9

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For Verilun’s new album Through Fire… In The Sun, the band wanted to create an atmospheric, melodic, but at the same time, a powerful real metal album. Originally the band intended to follow the direction of the previous album, Home For The Dead, but as the songs evolved, it became clear that the tracks were not be so pure and raw due to the multiple harmonies and the greater use of synths, that were used to enhance the atmosphere and make the overall sound more epic. Read more about Through Fire… In The Sun …here

Verilun are:
Gyorgy Varga – Vocals/Bass | Krisztian Varga – Guitar

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