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Veonity – Legend Of The Starborn
01. Rise Again | 02. Starborn | 03. Guiding Light | 04. Winds Of Asgard | 05. Outcasts Of Eden | 06. Sail Away | 07. The Prophecy | 08. Warrior Of The North | 09. Gates Of Hell | 10. Freedom Vikings | 11. Lament | 12. To The Gods | 13. United We Stand

Genre: Power Metal
Released by: Sliptrick Records 27.11.18
Duration: 01:08:47
Tracks: 11

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Legend Of The Starborn contains 13 masterful tracks of stadium fueled force which also features guest appearances from Tommy Johansson (Sabaton, Reinxeed) and Patrik Selleby (Bloodbound, Shadowquest). Legend Of The Starborn forms the sequel to the space saga which began on their previous album Into The Void and is, in fact, the third release via Sliptrick Records. The album shows Veonity flexing their considerable muscle with highlights too numerous to mention here. Read more about Legend Of The Starborn …here

Veonity are:
Anders Sköld – Vocals/Guitar | Samuel Lundström – Guitar | Joel Kollberg – Drums | Kristoffer Lidre – Bass

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