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Nighthawk (US) Rock | Metal | Psychadelic

US group Nighthawk has an imaginative set which translates well to stage. They’ve been able to successfully combine 1950s-60s rock with heavy metal, which was a huge influence on them, and they are looking to expand further on that. This is something that has been shown to regenerate playing actual rock and roll with no fear of looking to the past in order to move into the future.

Nighthawks rhythm section is very fluid, filled with Erik’s rolling fills. While Mark Madsen tends to go far off on solos using analog effects within Eric Olson’s wide-field bass canvas to explore on.

Nighthawk are:
Mark V Madsen – Guitar/Vocals | Eric Olson – Bass/Vocals | Erik Olsen – Drums

Band links: Facebook | Instagram | On Sliptrick