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(Marshall Beck’s) Rebirth (US) Metal

Rebirth were one of the most popular underground metal bands on Myspace during their halcyon days. The project has been working on a follow up studio album to The Great Deceiver (LP) and The Process Of Obliteration (LP) for a decade. After several line-up changes and re-recordings the band plans to release this material in the later part of 2022.

“Tough times can often be enjoyed when paired with tough and heavy music… Although, it’s not wise to chase the past, ghosts or fading memories which once brought light into your life; here is some nostalgic, old-school, live, re-mixed and re-mastered metal from ‘the metal band’ which dominated the internet during the Myspace era and for a reason… from darkness (my mother’s basement of stored music files) comes a form of light during these brutal times for most Americans who still have a sense of self and pride.” – Marshall Beck

(Marshall Beck’s) Rebirth is currently in the process of recording and completing the new studio album with drummer Kevin Talley and Tommy Gibbons on guitar.

(Marshall Beck’s) Rebirth are:
Marshall Beck- Vocals | Kevin Talley – Drums | Tommy Gibbons – Guitar

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