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Skull Servant (US) Doom Metal | Stoner Metal | Psychedelic Rock

Skull Servant is a 3-piece psychedelic doom metal project centered in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The band formed in 2022 and has since solidified into a trio of devoted musicians who work exceptionally well together. Bassist Noah Terrell and guitarist Calvin Bauer have collaborated on musical projects off-and-on since 2015. Each contributes a distinctive vocal style, yet they masterfully weave them together into a singularly compelling and effective sound. The exceptional drum work of Wes Carter, with whom Calvin has performed since 2021, completes the package. And what a package it is!

The group’s material reliably delivers an occult impression of a spell being cast upon their audience. The inception of this image can best be seen in their hit EP, Astral Apothecary, which topped the Doom Metal Charts upon its release in March 2023. It was in the wake of the EP’s success that the project doubled down, beginning to refine their brand in earnest. This new, definitive image shines through as it coalesces in their subsequent work, most notably in single Absinthe Dreams and their latest EP, Summon Sorceress, released in February and March of 2024 respectively.

With a smorgasbord of influences ranging from Electric Wizard, Sleep and Sodom to Gandalf and The Sword, Skull Servant’s brand displays a faithful commitment to the genre staples of Doom. The band’s quintessential stoner metal sludginess is deftly enhanced by the daring juxtaposition of haunting vocal melodies, their heaviness made unique by undeniably groovy psychedelic undercurrents.

Skull Servant are:
Noah Terrell – Bass/Vocals | Calvin Bauer – Guitar/Vocals | Wes Carter – Drums

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