Virus Alert is a concept album set in a dystopian future, the themes are very current such as the danger derived from a society where finance dominates, a world where mass manipulation techniques increasingly prevail. In this struggle for power all the wickedness that can inhabit man is manifested. In this Orwellian and apocalyptic world, the war for oppression occurs above all on an economic and social level.

Those who dominate the market, the banks and the media are those who hold true world power, power which then translates first into a ferocious dictatorship and finally into a world war, a war of the future where conventional weapons are associated with use of nuclear and battery weapons. All this evil seems to have the upper hand but the picture described by the songs lets us glimpse the light of a divine and supernatural intervention that will stop the madness of evil and self-destruction forever.

To represent this concept also in the cover and in the graphics, Under Attack relied on a great artist, author of numerous covers of important bands such as Evergrey; Gianni Nakos.

The sound of the album refers to the classic metal of the 80s with a particular attention to the guitar solos.

Track by track by Daniele Sciacca from Under Attack:
Soldier presents the general theme that the following songs will develop. In a dystopian future the war for power has begun, a war fought mainly through the use of technology and science against man and with the world of the media oriented towards one-way propaganda. A war where economic interests are all in favor of the most powerful. The song is a cry of conscience, like the cry of a soldier preparing to attack the enemy…

Ready For Escape is a fast track, I wanted a riff that would enter your head immediately and bring this atmosphere to life. The lyrics is very basic and asks a question to an imaginary protagonist: are you ready to exit the system? Are you ready for what is to come? In this song there are two really strong solos, one by Nando who helped me in the drafting and edited the arrangements and one by Fabio who co-produced the song and is a guest with his solo.

Secret Plan – In this Orwellian world, a group of powerful people have worked in secret and prepared a terrible plan for domination over the masses and total control. It seems to be no escape. The riff is tough and the feeling, especially the chorus, opens up echoing a bit the Classic metal of the 80’s to which the whole album refers.

The Rules is the second song co-produced with my friend guitarist Fabio Rossi and which also hosts his solo together with that of Nando Bonini. In this piece Nando was really strong in the arrangements with the two starting guitars intertwining together over the keyboard carpet and the rhythm section. A very nice intro in my opinion and the song was actually chosen as the highlight of the EP released last year.

Beyond The Sea – The song is inspired by the depths of the sea and is a metaphor for the problems and the darkness in which we sometimes walk in life. It is a song that invites you to never give up in the face of the hardest trials, to get out of your fears and depressions and find the key to take your life back and live it as protagonists. The song is heavy and the initial riff is also a tribute to the classic metal of the 80’s.

Under Attack is perhaps the hardest track of the project. It was one of the first songs I composed, in fact the title of the album was originally supposed to be included in the EP that came out in 2019 but then we thought of keeping it and inserting it in the album. We are under attack. Everything is ready and the big control system is about to play its dirty game…

In The Sign And The Cross, I wanted to refer to many prophecies starting from Revelation in which we speak of a great sign, visible to all men that will precede the end of time. A warning therefore that the time allowed for evil to act in the world is drawing to a close and that the true King is about to make his return, restoring balance, bringing salvation to those who have remained faithful. The song is a ballad and Nando was really strong in describing this epic and apocalyptic feeling in music.

The Last War is about this relentless struggle between those of men who wish to be free and a political, economic and social system that uses mass control to be the only possible system. The only way to live seems to be that of being slaves to a system that presents itself as a promoter of new freedoms and democracy but which instead glorifies itself and its plans of death.

The End Of The Road – I love this song for its travel feeling, in the car, with the radio on and maybe a road that crosses a large valley bordering the desert or that runs along the sea. It’s the end of the story. That’s when you sum up and understand how it ended. Did the good win or the evil triumph? It always depends on us. The song is melancholy, because it speaks of ruins and destroyed cities. Every war brings terrible consequences, but afterwards, as always has been from the beginning, there is a rebirth. And we all have to work for this rebirth. We all inhabit the task of making our lives better. To give a future to our world and our children.

Virus Alert | Released January 12th, 2021 via Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Soldier | 02. Ready For Escape | 03. Secret Plan | 04. The Rules | 05. Beyond The Sea | 06. Under Attack | 07. The Sign And The Cross | 08. The Last War | 09. The End Of The Road

Under Attack are:
Daniele Sciacca – Vocals | Fabio Rossi – Guest Guitar | Nando Bonini – Guitar/Bass/Drums

Band links: Facebook | YoutubeInstagram | On Sliptrick