Italian classic metal project Under Attack release their self-titled EP in digital format via Sliptrick Records on October 25th.

The themes on the EP include the self destruction of humanity, the wars, dystopia and the alienation. The lyrical concept was inspired by three albums: Operation Mindcrime (Queensryche), Cyberpunk (Billy Idol) and Rust in peace (Megadeth). The songs on Under Attack are catchy and edgy at the same time and are influenced primarily by hard rock and 80’s classic metal. The Under Attack sound is guitar oriented with fills and long and melodic solos typical of the 80’s.

The production was entrusted to Nando Bonini, a session man who collaborated with numerous major Italian pop rock artists. The artwork is designed by Remedy Art Design, the same artist who drew the cover for the album Atlantic by Evergrey. The EP is Produced by Daniele Sciacca and Nando Bonini for Mister Metal Production, recorded and arranged by Nando Bonini and mixed by Dario Digy Galbusera. Fabio Rossi is the guest soloist on the track The Rules.

Under Attack | Released on October 25th, 2019 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Soldier | 02. Beyond The Sea | 03. The Rules

Under Attack are:
Daniele Sciacca – Vocals | Fabio Rossi – Guest Guitar | Nando Bonini – Guitar/Bass/Drums

Band links: Facebook | Instagram | On Sliptrick