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Triverse Massacre – Hades
01. Cocytus | 02. Styx | 03. Acheron | 04. Lethe | 05. Phlegethon

Genre: Death Metal | Blackened Thrash
Released by: Sliptrick Records 20.02.18
Duration: 00:16:05
Tracks: 5

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The new release, Hades, is a five track mini album based on the Five rivers of Hades from Greek mythology blending furious blastbeats, raging guitars, and blood curdling vocals to create a truly vicious sonic experience. Hades shows the band, yet again, evolving their sound into something more uniquely striking, stepping up their intensity and technical levels to create their own truly unique voice. Read more about Hades …here

Triverse Massacre are: 
Liam Stark – Vocals | Chris Kelsall – Guitar/Backing Vocals/Keyboards | James Graham – Guitar | Mike Collins – Drums | Jason McEwan – Bass

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