Following their 2017 summer tour, Toy Called God returned to California to begin writing its fourth full length album. Little did they know where that path would take them.

After a few weeks taking a new approach toward how the band’s songs were written, it was determined that the band was just spinning their wheels, and the new material being produced just wasn’t living up to the standards previously set with its earlier albums. It was then that the band decided to go back to its original method of songwriting. Soon after, a collection of songs emerged that gives the listener a stark look at the the world of social media, as witnessed through the many online social channels.

Appropriately named #Socialvangelism, the album’s concept deals with the many types of social media posts and interactions that have become an integral part of life for many, as well as the pathological need for some to use their own social channels like pulpits for their personal or financial agendas.

Compiling a tour de force that encompasses more sonic diversity than previous recordings, #Socialvangelism features ten original tracks that touch on topics such as corporate control of the American political divide, relationship drama played out online, attacking one’s own life problems, rampant sociological narcissism, and more. In addition, the album also features the bands first ever recorded cover song, it’s an updated take on the classic 1966 Beatles song, Eleanor Rigby.

#Socialvangelism | Released September 18th, 2018 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. United Corporations Of America | 02. Just You and Me | 03. Punch Life In The Face | 04. Nothing But A Lie | 05. Stain Of Mind | 06. She | 07. Pretend | 08. Miss Me | 09. Take A Bullet Not A Selfie | 10. Eleanor Rigby (The Beatles) | 11. #Socialvangelism

Guest vocal on “Just You And Me” courtesy of Melissa Mari.
Produced and engineered by Tim Narducci at Sonic Room in Livermore, CA.
Executive Producer Patrick Donovan.

All songs written by Toy Called God, except Eleanor Rigby. Eleanor Rigby by Lennon, McCartney. Used by permission.
All arrangements by Toy Called God and Tim Narducci.

Artwork design and painting by Sean Walusko.

Toy Called God are:
Marcus D. Lance – Vocals | Patrick Donovan – Guitars | Damian Lewin – Bass | Jacob Baptista – Drums

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