In 2016, Swedish Death/Black Metal specialists Necrophor entered Sunlight Studio for a third time, this time with the purpose to record their first full-length album. It took almost 6 months from the start to the finished album with the group not wanting to rush through any step of the process. The result is Reborn, containing nine tracks infused with the essence of chaos.

This is not a band that wallows in self-promotion, this is not a band looking for gimmicks and fads …Necrophor want to be taken on their own terms and let the music do the talking. So hop onto the roller coaster, this is purely a one way ticket!

“Like it, hate it or just be indifferent – it does not matter.”

“The Word will take root and in due time manifest itself within the depths of your being”

Reborn | Released June 8th, 2017 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Chaos Undivided | 02. Where Dreams Come To Die | 03. God Of War | 04. Betrayed | 05. Ascension | 06. Anguish | 07. Legion | 08. Pain | 09. Blood Sacrifice

Recorded, produced and mixed in Sunlight Studio with/by Tomas Skogsberg & Necrophor in June/October 2016. Mastered by Sverker Widgren at Wing Studios in december 2016.

Necrophor are:
Henrik Eriksson – Vocals | Henrik Larsén – Guitar | Mikael Strandberg – Drums | Björn Sundling – Bass/Guitar

Band links: Facebook | Youtube