The Silverblack signs with Sliptrick Records for the release of the sophomore full length album ‘ The Grand Turmoil ‘

Brought to life by the devious minds of the multi-instrumentalist and producer Alessio NeroArgento
(already active with his main band NeroArgento and the modern metal act The Stranded as keyboardist,
besides being involved in many collaborations worldwide as a producer, arranger and musician) and
vocalist Claudio Ravinale (known for being the voice of anger of the death metal institution Disarmonia Mundi,
The Stranded and 5 Star Grave) “The Silverblack” is an industrial metal creature that quickly developed its
own malicious sound, spitting out extremely catchy industrial metal tracks, mainly keyboard-driven and
supported by a wide range of vocals (from goth deep voices to extremely irate death metal shouts)
featuring both sharp and aggressive passages and more atmospheric and eerie moments.

After releasing the self-titled debut album in 2014 via AExeron Media/FiXT divided into
five monthly episodes of two songs each, shooting two promotional videos for the song
“Chimera” and “My Oh My” and recruiting Ivan King (Vita Museum), Rob Gaia (5 Star Grave, Airborn)
and the performer Nisha Sara to complete the line-up, the band has recorded 11 brand new tracks
(produced as usual by NeroArgento at AExeron Studios) for the second album entitled
“The Grand Turmoil” scheduled for an autumn 2015 release via Sliptrick Records.
The new tracks refine further the band’s formula melting together industrial beats, rot’n’roll assaults,
gothic parts and metal onslaughts, sharpening and enhancing to a higher degree the already
unique band’s venomous sound.

Developing a deep, complex and layered sound “The Grand Turmoil” employs aggressive beats,
prominent lead synth lines, alluring choruses, heavy guitars, feral vocals, harsh and nihilistic
lyrics and a dirty and scorched post-apocalyptic feel providing a new consistency and depth to
the band’s ever expanding soundscape, redefining their already personal approach towards industrial
metal without boundaries or limitations whatsoever.