The melodies heard on each instrument have a piece of the groups souls in them. The Rinn hope that the music from Stories Of The Green Fairy will take you on a fantastic, mesmerizing journey through the worlds of magic, dreams and boundless imagination. It will reawaken your distant and almost forgotten dreams. Read more about Stories Of The Green Fairy …here

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The Rinn – Stories of the Green Fairy
01. Symphony of Light | 02. Forgotten Dream | 03. Mirror | 04. Green Fairy | 05. Voices | 06. Into the Dark | 07. Sleep | 08. Winter Night | 09. Secrets of the Universe | 10. The Way | 11. Try to Find Myself (Bonus Track) | 12. I Will Awake (Bonus Track)

Genre: Power Metal | Pagan
Tracks: 12 | Duration: 00:46:44
Released by: Sliptrick Records 07.09.17
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