On Hidden Voices, the new EP from Italians The Last Sound Revelation released worldwide via Sliptrick Records, the group talk about sound as a revealing instrument of sensations and emotions and as an alternative language to images or text (the bands logo defers from the usual stylization of a band’s name in favor of an archaic symbolism where the letters T, L, R become the hieroglyphics, ┌, └, ┌ and universal where the S, in its braille form, underlines the evocative power of music).

Linked to this overall vision is music which, starting from a concept free from any scheme, viscerally binds itself to the sensations and emotions of the moment and then harnesses them and evokes them in the form of images or flashbacks of a dream world in which they they mix together creating precisely the revelation of the last sound.

Track by track: (by The Last Sound Revelation)
The songs contained on Hidden Voices were formed from a combination of imagination, sound poetry and dream image. Voices that no longer have the tools to express themselves and that are transported, almost embodied, by the notes of songs like The Odd, a piece capable of leading the listener into a maze of eccentricities that make up everyday life on earth and which, through sudden changes of rhythm and melody, wants to express all the insecurity due to those oddities.

There are small details, almost insignificant for many, which are told through the most imposing sounds of Centaurus and which are strongly linked to the discovery of an agricultural wreck halfway around the fields near Rome. The Centaurus tractor is now only a rusted, abandoned carcass, that cannot tell its story because without a master, but it is also a symbol of time gone by and of the continuous change of human society.

Canonae, through its circular shape or “palindroma”, is the musical representation of the concept whereby any form of communication, whether gestural, vocal or sound, follows symbologies, or objective rules, to which all must refer to understand.

In Insights In The Meanwhile, references return to bucolic and dreamlike images that, recalled through the extended time of a ballad, wants to guide the listener on a long journey, through desolate places, to rediscover their own mind.

Still talking about silent voices, Doublebirth Lullaby is dedicated to the birth of two very special children for the group that over the years has become like a family. At the time of the creation of the piece, our intent was to give voice to the sensations of the two future parents (Tiziano and Francesco) and impress them indelibly in a passage with a strongly melodic and variegated character. Doublebirth Lullaby, however, is also a way of giving voice to those who still have no voice, to those hidden voices that will soon air to the world, to those to whom we bequeath our muted album of words but full of real life.

Hidden Voices | Released on July 5th, 2019 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. The Odd | 02. Centaurus | 03. Canonae | 04. Insights In The Meanwhile | 05. Doublebirth Lullaby

Recording sessions were carried out at ‘Hombrelobo’ Studios with the supervision of Mr. Fabio “Reeks” Recchia in the role of sound engineer and artistic producer for the whole process. Mixing and Mastering final steps were completed over Summer 2018.

The Last Sound Revelation are:
Francesco Salvitti – Guitar | Niccolò Sbernadori – Bass | Tiziano De Sante – Drum | Massimiliano Forlani – Guitar

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