NWOBHM artist from Singapore, The Ironfist, unleashes its latest full length abomination with Sliptrick Records entitled Tyrant’s Return!

Containing 13 tracks of merciless, vicious & unforgiving necro wave of blackened heavy metal, it is a must for all fans of traditional heavy metal worship and black thrash alike! Brace yourselves for relentless headbanging epic agression!

A great meetup with old pal Saiya Batsaikhan proved to be the spark that The Ironfist needed for his new material. Together, Alhuzzred and Saiya ventured onwards, revamping and rebranding the sound, musical style and concept of The Ironfist with a more epicuous and classic approach, yet embracing the modern tones and production finishes. Saiya, without a doubt, was an intergal role in guiding the new album’s direction to what it has become, being a Mongolian native and deep rooted in her origins of a country with a breathtaking historical epic past.

The album also explores relative topics such as avoiding past mistakes, life struggles, honour, vengeance, life and death all sewn together in epic themes and characters. All in all, Tyrant’s Return marks itself as a reinvention/reincarnation of The Ironfist. From a wounded aimless cur to a battle scarred hell hound …aged like fine wine yet experienced in the ravages of wars to come.

“Await the new album from Sliptrick Records …and be cleansed with fire and steel, fist & might!
…for the Tyrant Returns …join Him or perish like the rest…”

01. Soothsayer – A Foreboding Prophecy | 02. The Tyrant’s Return | 03. Broken Shards Of Time | 04. Iron Conquered Victory | 05. Sword Of Sonja | 06. Where Blood Eagles Soar | 07. Warrior (LBTF DBTF) | 08. Shadows Over Majapahit | 09. Eyes Of The Ursurper | 10. Earthshaker | 11. Empress Dethroned | 12. Tyrant’s Livestock | 13. Song To Hall Up High

Tyrant’s Return | Released May 30th, 2023 via Sliptrick Records

The Ironfist is:
Rip Alhuzzred – All Voices & Music

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