Rise Of The Wicked King, from US metal act The Crown Remnant, is set to be their most ambitious album yet. Following the project’s 3rd major release, The End of Days, Rise Of The Wicked King is a complete symphonic heavy metal concept album returning to the band’s roots by remaking their debut The Wicked King from the ground up. The album follows the debut’s tracks and storyline with all new vocals, music, lyrics, mixing, mastering, and more. The definitive ‘Wicked King’ experience, this reimagining of a metal classic includes all 13 tracks with over an hour’s worth of content.

Rise Of The Wicked King follows the rise, fall and resurrection of a twisted monarch desperate to cling to his throne. Exploring themes of mortality, tyranny, and legacy, the two part musical story is split into a ‘light’ and ‘dark’ half beginning with the lighter side as the music explores the origins of corruption with tracks like The Execution and Inauguration Day. The first half ends with a lower class perspective on the consequences of an oppressive system in Burn the Throne, and continues down Into the Depths to the darker half of the album.

Following the death of a tyrant, questions about legacy and the afterlife are answered in single-worthy tracks Legacy and Inferno – the latter of which takes you through a tour of hell inspired by Dante Alighieri’s epic ‘Inferno’. After an ode to nihilism with The Eternal Façade, the album finally wraps up with 2 huge tracks As Faith Fades and title track The Wicked King, together complete with searing guitar riffs, vocal choirs and an unrelenting series of 6 guitar solos.

While maintaining a concept throughout the album, The Crown Remnant took special care and attention from top to bottom to be musically exciting, and to allow each track to be considered as a standalone song – encouraging a wide audience of heavy metal fans interested in technical talent and melodic mastery. The entire project was written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by visionary and creator Will Ash.

01. Light The Flame | 02. The Execution | 03. Inauguration Day | 04. Haunted | 05. From Damnation To Deliverance (The Journey) | 06. Burn The Throne | 07. Into The Depths | 08. The End | 09. Legacy | 10. Inferno | 11. The Eternal Façade | 12. As Faith Fades | 13. The Wicked King

Rise Of The Wicked King | Released November 14th, 2023 via Sliptrick Records

The Crown Remnant is:
Will Ash – Vocals/Guitars/Drums/Bass/Composition

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube | Instagram | On Sliptrick